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Hugh Hefner, American icon and Playboy founder, has passed at 91

Hugh Hefner , the American legend responsible for launching the adult magazine Playboy in 1953, passed away yesterday in Los Angeles at 91. Sources say he passed away peacefully from “natural causes” in his sleep at his famous Playboy Mansion while surrounded by friends and family. Cooper Hefner, Hefner’s son and chief creative officer of Playboy Enterprises, put...
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Review: Joe Dirt 2 Beautiful Loser

PLOT: After a tragic event involving a number of people farting in his face, Joe Dirt somehow manages to go back to the past. It is there he attempts to find a way to get his wife and daughters to respect him again… Good luck with that. REVIEW: Let’s be clear, there are some movies just not meant for critics. Many of these types of  flicks can be entertaining, if...
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New trailer for Joe Dirt 2 shows that the mulleted loser just gets stupider

I know that there are more than a few of you who are looking forward to JOE DIRT 2: BEAUTIFUL LOSER, but I can't say that I'm among you; so please forgive the eye rolling you can surely sense through the screen. David Spade has returned as the lovable moron for the JOE DIRT sequel which has arrived fourteen years after the original graced our screens. Christopher Walken , Dennis...
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Here is the official poster and trailer for Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser

Nobody wanted it, and yet here it is: the first trailer and official poster for JOE DIRT 2: BEAUTIFUL LOSER. Yes, David Spade is back as the mullet-haired moron, reprising his role from the 2001 Happy Madison movie. As with all Happy Madison films, this looks pretty bad, but not as bad as most. I would get into the plot of the film, but I am just going to go ahead and tell you once again,...
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David spade dressed for Joe Dirt 2; Business in the front party in the back

David Spade has taken to Instagram to really drive home the reality that JOE DIRT 2: BEAUTIFUL LOSER is happening. He posted a photo of him in costume for Crackle’s JOE DIRT sequel which is being produced by Adam Sandler . The original Dirt came out in 2001 and grossed just over $30 million on a budget of $17 million. While I did see the first movie in theaters, I can’t...
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Online video service Crackle to debut Joe Dirt 2 with David Spade

Folks, after a long 13 year wait, your prayers have finally been answered: JOE DIRT 2 is becoming a reality! The sequel to the David Spade comedy has been announced and will be produced by Adam Sandler 's Happy Madison. While the first film was released by Columbia Pictures, JOE DIRT 2 will be exclusive to Sony's online service Crackle. Following in the footsteps of...
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Exclusive Cool Video: Men, Women & Children/Grown Ups mash-up trailer

Last week a trailer for Adam Sandler 's MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN was released, and most of you seemed to like the first look at Jason Reitman 's new movie. But just because Sandler is appearing in a film that likely won't feature that many fart jokes doesn't mean we've forgiven him for starring in movies like JACK AND JILL, THAT'S MY BOY, and of course,...
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Review: Grown Ups 2

PLOT: In the years since the events of the first GROWN UPS, Lenny Feder ( Adam Sandler ) has moved his family back to the small town where he grew up, where he lives close to his pals Eric ( Kevin James ), Kurt ( Chris Rock ) and Higgy ( David Spade ). With his kids enjoying their last day of school, the fellas try to recapture the glory of their youth, and wind up tangling with...
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New international trailer for Grown Ups 2 with Adam Sandler is pretty much what you expect

So, here's another trailer for GROWN UPS 2. Chances are if you clicked on this story then you know what you're in for, whether you view that as good or bad. I'm sure the usual Sandler hate will rain into the comments section (Man, let's hope him and Michael Bay never do a movie together), but I will say this; Sandler knows his brand. Although he's made a few detours into dramatic territory...
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Grown Ups 2 gets an updated synopsis, new rating and stills featuring Salma Hayek's boobs

I love Adam Sandler . Do I like the last few or more movies he's chosen to put out and star in? Not so much. Sadly to the amusement of the internet, the only reason people watched the trailer for GROWN UPS 2 had to do with the fact that a deer pissed on Sandler. That was a headline for several sites, and posts with links to the trailer on facebook. "ADAM SANDLER GETS PISSED ON...
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First trailer for Grown Ups 2 has bro dudes, deer urine and Deputy Shaq

MAN OF STEEL? Not interested. PACIFIC RIM? Pfffft. Who cares about robots? STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS? Yawn. The movie I can't wait to see this summer is GROWN UPS 2. The first one was an absolute masterpiece and ranks up there with such comedies as BLAZING SADDLES, ANIMAL HOUSE, and CADDYSHACK. GROWN UPS had a hilarious and original script with fantastic direction and use of stars Adam...
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Adam Sandler and crew are falling all over this poster for Grown Ups 2

Is it fair to say that in the onslaught of comedies that Adam Sandler has recently brought us that GROWN UPS was probably the funniest? When I say funniest I mean, it gave you a couple of chuckles instead of making you slap your own forehead in disgust. Disgust is also a strong word. Disappointment? Embarrassment? I like Adam Sandler . I guess that this point he's just doing whatever...
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