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2016 is saved! Netflix renews Fuller House for a third season!

Oh shit! It looks like Christmas isn't quite over yet! There's still at least one more gift left unwrapped by us, and...*rip, wrapping paper crinkle* Oh my God! An other season of FULLER HOUSE! Yay ! Holiday wishes, answered. 🎁 Fuller House Season 3, coming 2017. pic.twitter.com/pJkRASTpBj — Fuller House (@fullerhouse) December 25, 2016...
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Experience some nostalgia with this Netflix teaser for Fuller House

Anyone growing up in the early 90s is probably all-too familiar with Full House, for better and for worse. Still, it was a staple of 90s television and regardless of how you feel about this "sequel show", Netflix has just released a teaser that's bound to bring back some memories. Fuller house will follow D.J. Tanner-Fuller as she calls upon her sister, Stephanie, and her friend, Kimmy,...
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The next stop on board the TV revival train could be for Full House

Are TV revivals the new “shared universe” bandwagon that everyone has to jump on? Seriously, what is going on here? Twin Peaks, The X-Files, Coach, Heroes; all these shows will be returning to television. The latest series brought back to the land of the living could be none other than Full House. TVLine broke the news that Netflix is " thisclose " to ordering a...
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JoBlo.com's tribute to the people from film & TV we lost in 2013

"We are meant to lose the people we love. How else would we know how important they are to us?" ~ The Curious Case of Benjamin Button As 2013 draws to a close, we here at JoBlo.com want take a moment to honor some of the people who sadly passed away this year. Our deepest respect goes out to everyone in the industry we have lost, and our thoughts and prayers are...
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