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I Want That: Ghostbusters Funko Pops

The 30th anniversary of GHOSTBUSTERS is turning out some pretty awesome merch! First, we had that sweet Lego set , and now we have a set of the adorable variety. Funko Pops! Could Stay Puft be any cuter?! You know you want it! Personally, I want the whole set. How could you possibly choose between them? You've got: Egon, Venkman, Ray, Slimer, and Stay Puft. Slimer is...
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I Want That: Captain America: The Winter Solider Funko Pops

I know that I often post stuff from Sideshow Collectibles which is a little pricey. However, Funko Pops are very affordable. There's only one person I know of that doesn't care for these cute pop culture collectibles. Today's set of Funkos features the characters from CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER. Here we see Cap, Black Widow, and 2 for Winter Soldier-- one with mask and one...
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I Want That: Game of Thrones Funko Pops

I feel like a total loser because I do not own any Funko Pops. All of my friends have more than one, and I'm jealous because they show off their collections all the time. Have you ever seen these things? I'm about to show you the GAME OF THRONES series 3 set that will arrive a little after Christmas on January 14th. All except for Daenerys Targayen who will make her presence known on...
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