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Top 10 Hardest Movies To Watch More Than Once

Have you ever sat through a movie with tough scenes to stomach? Titles that come to mind include SCHINDLER'S LIST, REQUIEM FOR A DREAM and CHILDREN OF MEN. Artfully directed and skillfully executed, these films are brutal but warrant repeated viewings. Sometimes, a film can be artful and skillful but so impossible to sit through that you never watch them again. Here is our ranking of 10 of the...
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Cool Videos: Fast Motion Sequences In Film

Here’s a very cool video compilation of movies using fast or speeded up motion, just what you needed to watch before bedtime. The video was made by Leigh Singer and he has certainly made a fun game of “name that movie”, albeit unintentionally. My favorite sequence shown in the video comes from CITY OF GOD . I remember watching that movie in awe as I’m sure...
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