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Disney's Moana has to change its name in Italy because of porn

Well, this is surprising news! Disney's MOANA will apparently be having its name changed in Italy to OCEANIA. Now, that's of course not news worthy, as many titles change when being translated into other languages, like how in Portugal LOST IN TRANSLATION is called MEETINGS AND FAILURE IN MEETINGS and in China SIXTH SENSE is called HE'S A GHOST! But what is...
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Cool Videos: Christopher Walken dancing will cure even the crappiest mood

I've got a fever and the only prescription is this montage of Christopher Walken dance moments! Most movie fans have seen the awesome Fatboy Slim music video showcasing Walken's gravity defying moves, but he has also had a long career featuring dance sequences. It may not strike you at first thought, but after you watch this video, you truly realize just how often Christopher...
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C'mon Hollywood: Let's get Jim Carrey back on track!

We all know that Jim Carrey is a funny guy. With a resume full of projects that range from ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE and LIAR LIAR   to his work on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and IN LIVING COLOR , it's hard to find someone who hasn't been amused by at least one thing he's appeared in. However, as funny as Carrey can be, his filmography isn't without its clunkers, especially lately....
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Cool Videos: Get your maniacal laugh on with this supercut of movie giggles, guffaws, and chuckles

Laughter is sometimes called the best medicine, but it can also be intensely creepy. The maniacal laugh is something that can either make you laugh or chill you to the bone depending on how it is delivered. With that in mind, check out this five minute supercut of laughter from throughout movie history. Something you will notice when watching this collection of laughs is how many are...
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Cool Videos: Morgan Freeman explains Twerking

Miley Cyrus ' "dancing" at the MTV Video Music Awards has created a meme that I am already tired of. Something I never get tired of is Morgan Freeman saying, well, anything. The man has one of the greatest voices of all time and can make anything sound awesome. His science series THROUGH THE WORMHOLE is made a million times more watchable just for his introduction and...
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Cool Videos: The Walking Dead gets the Bad Lip Reading treatment

I cannot help but laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of the YouTube series Bad Lip Reading . If you aren't familiar with it, the series takes video clips and dubs them over with random dialogue that fits with the mouths of the actors on screen. Sometimes it is stupid and sometimes brilliant, but it is always something that makes me laugh. This new video features clips from THE...
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Cool Videos: Will Sasso driving around as Arnold Schwarzenegger is pure comedy gold

Comedian Will Sasso isn't necessarily a household name, but a very recognizable face. Recently, Sasso played Curly in the big-screen version of THE THREE STOOGES (which was actually pretty fun), but he's probably most famous for his Arnold Schwarzenegger skits from Mad TV. Sasso famously portrayed the Austrian actor in a number of hilarious skits throughout his run on the ensemble...
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Watch Funny or Die's full length Steve Jobs biopic, iSteve, starring Justin Long

Hey Ashton Kutcher and Aaron Sorkin , you guys can suck it! Justin Long and the crew at Funny or Die have beat you in the Steve Jobs biopic release derby. Their film, ISTEVE, debuted online today. Having read the massive biography of Jobs and seen the clips from Kutcher's film JOBS, I was left to wonder what direction this version would take on the story. By and far, this has to...
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Cool Videos: Every single Woody Allen stammer in just under 45 minutes!

Woody Allen is perhaps more known for things aside from the movies he has made, namely his controversial divorce from Mia Farrow and his physical appearance. I would venture that the moment someone says the name Woody Allen that the first thing you imagine is the glasses, the nose, and the schlumpy appearance. Secondly is likely his nasally voice that is forever associated with...
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Cool Videos: How can these classic films get any better? Just add Nicolas Cage!

Nicolas Cage has become a joke, literally. It used to be that we laughed at the ridiculous movies he was acting in. But, after about a decade of garbage, it finally became apparent that Nicolas Cage is the only A-list actor who voluntarily makes only B-list movies. So, since Cage is willing to take pretty much any job that comes his way, what would it have been like if he had...
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Cool Videos: Disney presents The Story of Menstruation

Ah, Disney, you classy bastards. I thought SONG OF THE SOUTH was your only skeleton, but lo and behold this gem of a cartoon from the 1940s. A co-production between Disney and Kotex, this short is called "The Story of Menstruation" and gives new meaning to the term "edutainment." Guys, did you know that this may be the first film in history to include the word vagina? Shocking!...
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Cool Videos: Samuel L Jackson asks voters to Wake The F&$k Up!

Movies and politics go together like Ali Larter and whipped cream. Both are businesses that rely on good looks and public appeal. We all have a fascination with the political leanings of our celebrity elite. Some even base their vote on which party has the better Hollywood cred. One thing that transcends party lines is Samuel L. Jackson. We can all agree that he truly is the...
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