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Worms come to f*ck sh*t up on the Nintendo Switch with Worms W.M.D.!

Oh man I love WORMS! I played this shit with my brothers on Genesis, and then every incarnation since then! My favorite thing was to name all the worms my friend's names and seeing who could survive the longest. I also would always get giddy when I was allowed to control the exploding sheep and take some mofos out. Anyway the newest WORMS sequel - WORMS W.M.D. that came out...
6 days ago
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Todd & the Book of Pure Evil animated film unleashes metal-as-hell trailer!

TODD & THE BOOK OF PURE EVIL is fucking awesome. I discovered this cult Canadian horror-comedy series while browsing Netflix with friends, looking for something to make fun of, and this sounded cheesy. But, while cheesy, it was also really funny, clever, and really got across - better than most things - how it is to grow up as a nerdy metal-head in high school. While Todd was a bit more...
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New season of Curb Your Enthusiasm on its way to HBO!

The king of cringe comedy, Larry David , is back for more awkward situations with a new season of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM on the way from HBO. It'll be the ninth season of the long-running series, which (at the time) officially ended six years ago in 2011. The new season will premiere October 1st of this year. Meanwhile, fan favorites Jeff Garlin , Susie Essman , and JB Smoove...
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Anchorman's original draft was somehow even MORE crazy

I'm not the biggest Will Ferrell fan, but something about ANCHORMAN just hit all the right notes like an accomplished jazz flutist. While goofy and random and ridiculous, the film somehow was able to make a cultural mark (and oft-quoted by unfunny people until BORAT came out). But would that have always been the case? So many things had to work perfectly for that film to be...
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Spongebob Squarepants musical is coming to Broadway!

Yes, you read that headline right (unless you didn't read it and just click on links randomly), there is indeed going to be a SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS musical hitting Broadway. Even more interesting than that fact (if you can believe it) is the eclectic mix of bands and musicians who contributed to the soundtrack, including Steven Tyler and Joe Perry (of Aerosmith), John Legend, Sara...
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The Warner Brothers - and sister Dot - are coming back in Animaniacs reboot!

So I've gotten the ANIMANIACS theme song stuck in my head since hearing this news, because like many of you, this was an important part of my childhood. Who could forget " Helloooo Nurse ", or Yakko's World Song , or the debut of PINKY AND THE BRAIN? When animation was at an all-time low, shows like ANIMANIACS helped usher in a new Golden Age of children's...
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Cool Videos: Tommy Wiseau stars as President in Transformers parody Car Botz

So this is fun. Tommy Wiseau stars as the Presidents [ sic ] of the United States in a TRANSFORMERS-parody called CAR BOTZ, funded by Loot Crate. It's a fake trailer done in the style of foreign knock-off films, like TURKISH STAR WARS , with it humor described in the press release as " TIM AND ERIC meets BORAT ". So if that sounds interesting to you, take a look at...
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Viral video starring Tilda Swinton released for Bong Joon Ho's Okja

As a big fan of THE HOST and SNOWPIERCER, I've been eagerly anticipating Bong Joon Ho 's next project OKJA. The film - which will stream on Netflix - released a trailer a while ago , and seems to be about a little girl who befriends a giant monster, and must protect it from an evil corporation led by Tilda Swinton . Now Netflix has released a viral video (in the guise a...
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Funny trailer for Netflix's Dear White People drops

I remember really liking the DEAR WHITE PEOPLE movie. It was funny, poignant, and dealt with the black experience of assimilation and self-identity with a dry, insightful wit. So I'm excited to see what Netflix is going to do with its new series based on the film. Well, a new trailer for the show just dropped, so let's take a look: Hmmm, it seems to basically just be the...
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Adult Swim greenlights two new shows, Apollo Gauntlet and Hot Streets

Man, I love me some Adult Swim. Hell, I remember when it first premiered with those bumpers that showed grainy footage of old people in a community pool. I still have fond memories of AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE, HOME MOVIES, and SEALAB 2021.  Anyway, two new 15-minute shows are being produced for Adult Swim that sound like Adult Swim shows. First up is APOLLO GAUNTLET, based on a...
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New promo for Pixar's Coco focuses on the cute dog Diego. And skeletons.

I've always been fascinated by the Dios de los Muertos celebration (Day of the Dead for those without Google translate). I appreciate that it's kind of a celebration of death - seeing it as moving on to another journey - rather than mourning the loss of life. It's beautiful to me. So it's why I'm looking forward to the new Pixar film COCO. While it's not the...
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Movie Advice from a 4 Year Old - Titanic (video)

Movies make no sense. If it is a good movie, we go with it. If it sucks, we sit there thinking "What are they doing?" and "Why am I not watching porn instead?" We suspend our disbelief when we watch movies, that is what makes them so great. And with many years of watching movies we tend to know what is going to happen. But not a 4 year old. They don't get that...
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