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Review: Playing for Keeps

PLOT: George ( Gerard Butler ) is a former soccer (FOOTBALL!) star who, after a career-ending injury, has followed his ex-wife ( Jessica Biel ) and son to the US to try and get his family back. Meanwhile, hes trying to launch a career as a sports broadcaster, to no avail, but- when hes spotted giving soccer tips to his sons team, hes made their coach. The job proves to be...
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The trailer for Gerard Butler's Playing For Keeps is like chicken soup for the soccer soul

So, if you're having one of those days and you just need a light, fluffy pick me up, then this new trailer for the Gerard Butler starrer, PLAYING FOR KEEPS, just might do the trick. Or, it could potentially have the opposite effect, as it did for me. It's very much like pouring a cup of sugar on top of a Cinnabon and having to eat it all in one bite. Co-starring Jessica Biel, Catherine...
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