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The Heinz food company channels Pixar for their latest Australian ad

Beans, beans, the musical fruit The more you eat, the more you toot The more you toot, the better you feel So we have beans at every meal! Five minutes ago, I would have told you that the world of bean marketing couldn't possibly be exciting. I mean, they're beans, right? However, the H.J. Heinz Company or Heinz, proved me undoubtedly wrong today as...
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Pixar invites you to walk The Land of the Dead with a new Coco trailer

Yesterday, Pixar unveiled their all-Latino voice acting cast for their upcoming music-inspired supernatural animation COCO. Personally, I thought it was really exciting to see the premiere animation studio announce a cast that is forward-thinking and true to the source material, and now, we've got a brand-new trailer that shows you more of Miguel's journey to The Land of the Dead and...
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Pixar's Coco gets all-Latino voice cast and a new poster that's to die for

Whenever Pixar announces a new, original project, I can't help but get excited. Just like Laika, Pixar is an animation studio that continues to deliver top-quality cinematic experiences, be it a sequel to an existing property or otherwise. You can argue that a few of their franchises aren't as strong as the rest, but overall, Pixar is the crown jewel in delivering heartfelt...
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Review: Salt and Fire

PLOT: Three UN doctors investigating a man-made ecological disaster are kidnapped by the CEO ( Michael Shannon ) of the multi-national company responsible. He chooses one of the doctors ( Veronica Ferres ) to accompany him to a rapidly expanding salt flat harboring a nearby super volcano that, he believes, is ready to erupt and could be a world-ending event. REVIEW: It’s a...
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Michael Shannon stars in the trailer for Werner Herzog's Salt and Fire

SALT AND FIRE is about a mysterious hostage-taking where the leader of a small scientific delegation is deliberately stranded with two blind boys in an area of gigantic salt flats. Shot in Bolivia and starring Michael Shannon , Veronica Ferres and Gael García Bernal, you can check out the trailer for Werner Herzog 's latest below! Honestly, if Herzog's...
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First trailer for Coco takes you on a journey of music & dead people

Music is a powerful device, so powerful in fact that it can transport you to another world. The newest Pixar movie, COCO, takes that literally by telling the story of a boy named Miguel who, in an effort to prove his musical talents to his music-hating family, is transported to the Land of the Dead. The first trailer has just dropped and along with all the tenderness we see a lot of...
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Teaser poster revealed for Pixar's Coco; trailer hits next week

Despite his family’s baffling generations-old ban on music, Miguel ( Anthony Gonzalez ) dreams of becoming an accomplished musician like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz ( Benjamin Bratt ). Desperate to prove his talent, Miguel finds himself in the stunning and colorful Land of the Dead following a mysterious chain of events. Along the way, he meets charming trickster Hector (Gael...
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Details revealed about Pixar's next original film Coco

When you talk Pixar, the upcoming films that come to mind are CARS 3, THE INCREDIBLES 2 and TOY STORY 4. As you can see, they're all (for better or worse) sequels. Pixar has been known to pump out some decent sequels, although if you're a tad disappointed not to see any original content on that list, the following should excite you. EW recently unearthed some details regarding...
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Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Gael García Bernal & Jonás Cuarón Talk Desierto!

DESIERTO is the intense new feature film from Jonás Cuarón. This story of a man killing off a group of people crossing the border to the US is a swift and thrilling ride. Featuring fantastic performances from Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Gael García Bernal, there is a real sense of tension going on during what can’t help but be bit of a politically charged...
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Review: Desierto

PLOT: As they try to cross the Badlands into the United States, a group of illegal immigrants from Mexico attempt to evade a rifle-toting psychopath determined to make sure they never make it into his country. REVIEW: Proving the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, Jonas Cuaron (son of Alfonso and his co-writer on GRAVITY) exhibits a masterful style with his new film...
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Exclusive: Jeffrey Dean Morgan is on the hunt in this clip from Desierto

What begins as a hopeful journey to seek a better life becomes a harrowing and primal fight for survival when a deranged, rifle-toting vigilante ( Jeffrey Dean Morgan ) chases a group of unarmed men and women through the treacherous U.S.-Mexican border. In the harsh, unforgiving desert terrain, the odds are stacked firmly against them as they continuously discover there's nowhere to...
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Jeffrey Dean Morgan does a "little hunting" in new Desierto trailer

Before Jeffrey Dean Morgan brings his villainous ways back to The Walking Dead next month, he'll be hunting down Gael García Bernal in Jonás Cuarón 's DESIERTO. When a group of Mexican migrant workers led by Moises ( Gael García Bernal ) seek a better life by crossing the U.S. border, they soon encounter Sam ( Jeffrey Dean Morgan ), a ruthless...
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