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The battle for the Iron Throne rages in the Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer

Yesterday, the official motion poster for GAME OF THRONES Season 7 dropped, and today, HBO has debuted the full, battle-torn trailer for the show's triumphant return. If you remember, at the end of the last season, Daenerys' ( Emilia Clarke ) jaw-dropping army were poised to march their way to Westeros, with the Queen of Dragons pets patrolling the skies no less. Once there, she's...
3 days ago
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More pics released for Game of Thrones' upcoming seventh season

No one's more excited to eat from George R.R. Martin's cookbook and watch the seventh season of GAME OF THRONES than me. For one, it's exciting to see Winter finally coming, with all the familiar faces of our favorite characters back again. But also I have a bet going on about the endgame, and I feel pretty confident about mine (Hodor survived the attack and shares the...
5 days ago
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Game of Thrones author says there are now five new shows in development

Earlier this month all the fans, geeks and students of GAME OF THRONES and the world of Westeros cheered (or jeered) at the news that four new spinoff shows were in development at HBO. That’s a lot of nudity, violence and waiting for dragons and zombies on the horizon, but the creator of the famed book series, George R.R. Martin, revealed that four is no longer the number...
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HBO to develop four different Game of Thrones spinoffs

Ha! If you thought that HBO was going to loosen its stranglehold on the GAME OF THRONES business, well, you'd be dead wrong. It's been announced today that HBO is in the process of developing four different GAME OF THRONES spinoff ideas from four different writers. Obviously, this is a monumental move by the network, that if greenlit, would be hailed as the first time HBO has...
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Winter is here muthaf*ckas! New images released for Season 7 of GoT!

My undying love of GAME OF THRONES has really gotten me to understand and appreciate others' love of soap operas. Because that's really what this show is - a really expensive, epic, fantastical soap opera with dragons and tits. I mean, it has a myriad of characters, where the big appeal of it are the twists and revelations (and who is boinking who). This is not meant as an...
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Roose Bolton star confirmed for Justice League in unidentified role

Finally, some non-STAR WARS news. Apparently Michael McElhatton (better known as Roose Bolton on GAME OF THRONES) will have an unspecified role in Zack Snyder 's JUSTICE LEAGUE film. It seems he'll be in the very opening scenes, and will be involved in a large battle scene (most likely the one spotted in the trailer). He also said that the part he was in was obviously "very dark". Yay....
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HBO promo shows off new Game of Thrones costumes

So a new promo for HBO was released, which showed off new costumes for the characters of GAME OF THRONES. Now, to be fair, the promo isn't just for GAME OF THRONES, but for the network itself (with appearances from the cast of SILICON VALLEY, VEEP, and...BALLERS...) However, GAME OF THRONES is the only show where we've discovered anything new or interesting about it besides "it exists"...
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Game of Thrones characters take a walk in new promo

Anticipation for the new season of GAME OF THRONES is at an all-time high. Winter is finally coming, and while last season surpassed the books, this one is going to start giving away all the secrets and fates of our beloved (and hated) characters. Call me psychic, but I'd bet money most won't make it to the end. Call it a hunch. Anyway, HBO has sent a new stylish teaser to hold...
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Dragons going to apparently be size of 747s in new season of Game of Thrones

Like most people, I love me some GAME OF THRONES. And with the series drawing to a close soon, it's great to see all the things alluded to for so long finally coming into fruition. Winter is finally coming, the White Walkers are on the move, the war for King's Landing has begun, and the Dragons are finally going to be fully grown! Talking to EW , director Matt Shakman...
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Final season of Game of Thrones confirmed as six episodes long

After years of providing battles, blood, drama in fancy gardens and gratuitous nudity, the beginning of the end for GAME OF THRONES will commence this July with season seven, which will lead into the final eighth. This upcoming season will have a shortened episode order of only seven episodes, and we now have confirmation that the final season will have even less. How less, you...
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Fire and ice herald the return of Game of Thrones on July 16th

UPDATE: Game of Thrones: Season 7 will premiere on July 16th ! It's been said that season 7 of Game of Thrones would premiere in mid-2017, but here we are in March without a release date...yet! The truncated 7-episode season will be the 2nd to last, although it seems as if HBO is remaining aware of the fans' need for more Thrones. You can check out the teaser poster at the...
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Jim Broadbent reveals the character he's playing on Game of Thrones!

Having been in both HARRY POTTER and CHRONICLES OF NARNIA, Jim Broadbent can now add GAME OF THRONES to his fantasy series Bingo card. But while he played a wizard and Professor in the other two series, respectively, who will he playing in the HBO series about "tits 'n dragons"? Well, while doing an interview with ScreenCrush for another project (the...
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