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AMC partners with Dreamscape Immersive to add VR centers to cinemas

I think it's time to face facts, folks. Virtual Reality is the new 3D. I remember a time when you had to pre-order your 3D screenings, weeks in advance, especially for something the likes of a Marvel film or the latest Hollywood blockbuster from director So-and-So. In my estimation, 3D film presentations are steadily becoming something dying breed, with filmmakers and theater...
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Warner Bros. will bring Minecraft to the big screen

You had to know it was comingóa big screen adaptation of MINECRAFT. Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to open world game, MINECRAFT. Iím sure youíve heard about it by now. Someone you know plays it whether itís your kid, a workmate, your spouse, etc. I know people who arenít even into conventional gaming that love MINECRAFT. Just in case youíve been living under a very large...
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I Want That: Sideshow Collectibles Nathan Drake from Uncharted 3 figure

I know we have several fans of the UNCHARTED gaming series so this post is just for them. Sideshow Collectibles just revealed a figure for lead character, Nathan Drake. If you are thinking this would be a perfect addition to your Christmas list, you might want to think more along the lines of Christmas 2014. The figure isn't set to drop until August 2014. You can head over to the...
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