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Cool Videos: Fun mega movie mix featuring 52 different films

A good movie mix video can be hard to pull off, but this one created by Alecc is pretty impressive. Clips from 52 different movies (including a few upcoming films) were used to create the video, and it also features the song "Invaders Must Die" by The Prodigy. It's no easy task to edit this many clips together, but I think Alecc did a great job with this video....
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The top ten most pirated movies and television series of 2013

Each year TorrentFreak compiles a list of the top ten most pirated films and television series of the year, and they recently released their new lists for 2013. I wouldn't say there are a ton of surprises on either list, but it's still interesting to see what people pirated the most last year. Top 10 Movies 1. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Downloads...
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The UnPopular Opinion: Top 5 Underrated Movies of 2013

Well Schmoes, as 2013 draws to a close we reflect on a year of ups and downs at the movies, both critically and financially. There were some surprises in regards to which highly anticipated movies lived up to their trailers and marketing as well as some dark horses that came out of nowhere to really steal the show. But, if there is one thing for certain, there are always movies that are...
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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: Gangster Squad, The Impossible, Jurassic Park 3D ...

This week: A great cast fires blanks in Gangster Squad, Naomi Watts ends her slump with The Impossible, and Jurassic Park 3D wastes no time going to Blu-ray. ► Sean Penn overacts the hell out of GANGSTER SQUAD , to the point you wish he and director Ruben Fleischer (‘Zombieland’) would dial it down and...
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Blu-ray: Jack Reacher is Killing Them Softly with the Gangster Squad to save his Mama

We've got some new blu-ray's on the horizon, as Tom Cruise 's JACK REACHER, Jessica Chastain 's MAMA, Ruben Fleischer 's GANGSTER SQUAD, and Brad Pitt 's KILLING THEM SOFTLY find their way to your living room.  I've only seen two of the four, those being JACK REACHER and KILLING THEM SOFTLY. Having sat through a number of sub par action pics in the past six months, I can't think...
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Top 10 movie-related stories from January 2013

Here's a new feature for where, every month, we're going to look back at some of the most popular stories in the world of entertainment and fandom, weigh in with our two cents and offer you guys the same opportunity. The types of stories covered will range from general entertainment news, to movies, TV, and even video games and comics should something huge break. Basically, anything...
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Sean Penn to chase his own action franchise with Taken director Pierre Morel's Prone Gunman

It seems that Sean Penn is starting to explore his more commercial side.  Starting with this month's GANGSTER SQUAD, a 1940's-set action pic, the prolific actor is set to tackle the action franchise department with PRONE GUNMAN, based on the novel by Jean-Patrick Manchette "the story centers on an international operative named Martin Terrier (Penn) who is betrayed by the...
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JoBlo Movie Podcast: Oscar Noms Talk, Reviews of Gangster Squad, Zero Dark, & John Dies at the End!

John Dies at the End of Ganster Squad at Zero Dark Thirty. Click above to LISTEN NOW! Law and Moreno kick things off with a discussion of the Oscar nominations and the fact that they haven't seen anything that matters to the Academy. Losers. They did, however, check out a bunch of stuff for your listening pleasure. Reviews...
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2013 Warner Bros Movie Preview!

I love this time of year mostly because it's a "fresh start" to the new year in movies. To that end, we'll be presenting all of the top studios' 2013 movie previews right here, including a picture from each film (if a photo is available), its release date, the plot synopsis along with our basic THUMBS UP ( we want to see this! ), THUMBS DOWN ( we do not want to see this! ) or QUESTION...
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The Ten Spot: Best January movie releases of all time

Despite the upcoming release of the rescheduled GANGSTER SQUAD, January is often consider the dumping ground for studio pictures that turned out poorly or no one know show to market. Usually this leads to a lot of Nicolas Cage movies, horror flicks, and really bad comedies. But, there have been quite a few surprising movies released in the coldest month of the year. Here are 10 of the best...
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Review: Gangster Squad

PLOT: In post WW2-L.A, a tough but honest cop, John O'Mara ( Josh Brolin ) is tasked by LAPD chief Parker ( Nick Nolte ) to assemble a unit devoted to wiping out gangster Mickey Cohen ( Sean Penn ). REVIEW: GANGSTER SQUAD starts with the oft-used phrase "inspired by true events". In this case, the true events are that Mickey Cohen was a real gangster, and that the LAPD did...
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Six new clips from Gangster Squad showcase crotch-burning violence

GANGSTER SQUAD may be the best movie to be released in January...ever. Usually the dumping ground for crappy studio mistakes, the movie was delayed due to controversy surrounding the Aurora theater shooting but now will have no real competition at the box office. These six new clips showcase the violent core of the movie including Ryan Gosling going all DRIVE on a guy by pouring...
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