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I think we can all agree that movie tickets are more than a little overpriced. Unless you’re shelling out cash to watch GODZILLA stomp around on an IMAX screen, or watch CAPTAIN AMERICA face-off with THE WINTER SOLDIER , then shelling out cash to take in a movie isn’t always worthwhile, especially with ticket prices skyrocketing. Wanna bring a date? Good luck –...
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Review: Joe

Joe was originally reviewed as part of's TIFF 2013 coverage. PLOT: An ex-con ( Nicolas Cage ) living a rough and tumble life in the south becomes the unlikely father figure for a teenager (Tye Sheridan) with an abusive, alcoholic bum father. REVIEW: With PRINCE AVALANCHE, director David Gordon Green seemed to be inching back towards his earlier,...
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Nicolas Cage shows off his snake in the latest clip from Joe

Oh, that Nicolas Cage . We can’t get enough of him. He’s the best. I would like to think that his role is RAISING ARIZONA pre-determined the path that his career would take. Or maybe it was the one in VALLEY GIRL... Or the one in PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED… I like the actor that Cage has grown into. He’s sort of a lovable oddity like John Malkovich . While I’m not a fan of some...
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Nicolas Cage gets down and dirty in new trailer for David Gordon Green's Joe

Nicolas Cage seems to be on his game with his latest flick, JOE, which comes from director David Gordon Green (SNOW ANGELS, PRINCE AVALANCHE). The film was shown at TIFF last year and garnered some great reviews ( our's here ) and trumpeted Cage's performance as one of the best of his career. Gordon Green also seems to be jumping on the "back to form" bandwagon as he has broken from...
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First trailer for David Gordon Green's Joe with Nicolas Cage brings the rage

Director David Gordon Green (SNOW ANGELS, PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, PRINCE AVALANCHE) has had a mixed bag of a career, going from indie fare to high concept comedy and then back again to the indie world. He's had success in both genres, however, and with his newest entry, JOE, it looks like he'll have another check in the block for the independents. Starring Nicolas Cage as an ex-con with a...
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First look at Nicolas Cage in David Gordon Green's Joe and Matt Damon and Michael Douglas in Behind the Candelabra

We've got two first official looks today, one from director David Gordon Green's JOE, starring Nicolas Cage and the other from HBO's BEHIND THE CANDELABRA, starring Matt Damon and Michael Douglas .  First up is Cage's JOE, where he plays an ex-con who finds a role model in the form of a fifteen-year-old boy.  Green, who has previously directed ALL THE REAL GIRLS, PINEAPPLE...
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