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Paul Feig says Ghostbusters reboot will be "scarier than the original"

While I wouldn't say most people are sold on Paul Feig 's planned all-female GHOSTBUSTERS reboot, it does seem like some have warmed up to the idea since the project was first announced. In a new interview with Empire, Feig says he wants the reboot to be more frightening than the original, and if he had it his way, it would be rated-R. I want ours to be scarier than...
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Jennifer Lawrence has met with Ghostbusters 3 director Paul Feig

So many of you were not fans of the reveal that Rebel Wilson had met with director Paul Feig about a potential role in GHOSTBUSTERS 3. I understand, she is a polarizing actress whom many dislike. A lot of comments compared her to Melissa McCarthy as someone fans either love or hate. But, how would you feel about Jennifer Lawrence taking a role in the film? In a video posted...
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Rebel Wilson reveals she has met with Paul Feig about Ghostbusters 3

GHOSTBUSTERS 3 (can we drop the 3 at this point?) is still gearing up to be an all female reboot/sequel to the iconic comedy series and we have already seen who Bill Murray would cast in the film, but it will really depend on which actresses audiences would pay to see. For instance, PITCH PERFECT actress Rebel Wilson is fairly popular right now. What about her? Appearing on The...
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Update: New Ghostbusters 3 script leak details what could have been

UPDATE: This has been proven to be a fake. The author of the screenplay has e-mailed us to say that he had sent the script out with "the hope that someone would run with it" and to get feedback on his writing. "I apologize to Gene and Lee (and Dan, Harold and Ivan) for the complications that may have arisen from the posting of this script that I'd written....
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Gillian Anderson really wants to star in Paul Feig's Ghostbusters reboot

Apparently The X-Files star Gillian Anderson had no clue about Paul Feig 's plans for an all-female Ghostbusters reboot , but after checking out the project, says she wants to star in the film. It all started when while speaking in a recent Reddit AMA , Gillian Anderson was asked if she was interested in the reboot. OH MY GOD, I just looked it up online. Paul Feig...
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Ernie Hudson doesn't think fans want an all-female Ghostbusters reboot

Yesterday we learned besides featuring an all-female Ghostbusters team, Paul Feig 's GHOSTBUSTERS 3 (or whatever they end up calling it) will also be a complete reboot . Based on the amount of red on most of the comments for the story, it doesn't seem like many of you are too happy about the plans for the project. Bill Murray might be down with an all-female GHOSTBUSTERS...
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Paul Feig says the all-female Ghostbusters will be a complete reboot

For what it's worth, we're finally getting some rock-solid news on what's going with GHOSTBUSTERS 3, although from the sound of it, 3 is not going to be anywhere near the title. Yesterday we confirmed who would be writing and directing .  Now director Paul Feig spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the direction they're headed in and as to not muck around in the...
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The all female Ghostbusters sequel to be written by The Heat's Kate Dippold

With the blessing from star Bill Murray and the involvement from writer/producer Dan Akyroyd, GHOSTBUSTERS 3 looks to be moving ahead as an all-female reboot/sequel to the classic supernatural comedy films. With THE HEAT's Paul Feig in line to direct, a new draft of the screenplay will be needed and it appears to be someone familiar with Feig's work. The Hollywood Reporter...
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Dan Aykroyd looks to Star Wars & Marvel in crafting Ghostbusters sequels

Despite the 30th anniversary screenings of GHOSTBUSTERS in theaters, it doesn't feel like we are any closer to a GHOSTBUSTERS 3 than before. Getting a great script together that's worthy of the name has taken some time and Dan Aykroyd recently revealed why that might be the case. It appears as if the creative team is looking to established franchises in helping to not only assemble...
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Bill Murray's casting ideas for an all-female Ghostbusters team

It seems most of you are against the idea of Peter Berg directing a new GHOSTBUSTERS featuring an all-female cast for the team, but there's one person who likes the concept: Bill Murray . Bill Murray was at TIFF over the weekend, and in an interview with Access Hollywood , Murray was asked how he felt about the female GHOSTBUSTERS movie rumors. His response? It...
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Paul Feig might direct Ghostbusters 3 with an all-female cast

Last month Dan Aykroyd said production on GHOSTBUSTERS 3 should start in spring of next year, and it looks like Sony is still trying to figure out what to do with the long-in-development project. The latest news from THR is Paul Feig is interested in directing GHOSTBUSTERS 3, and it will be a reboot focusing on an all-female Ghostbusters team. Although sources say THE HEAT...
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Dan Aykroyd says production will begin on Ghostbusters 3 in spring of 2015

Earlier this year, Ivan Reitman stepped down from the director's chair of GHOSTBUSTERS 3 in the aftermath of Harold Ramis ' death. He was adamant that there would be a third film, and that he would be supervising as producer instead. There hasn't been any news of a replacement director or any production delay since, although it seems the team behind the sequel hasn't been slowed...
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