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Review: Anesthesia

  PLOT: The brutal mugging of a beloved college professor ( Sam Waterston ) links a group of loosely connected individuals. REVIEW: Tim Blake Nelson 's ANESTHESIA feels like something of an indie throwback, in that it's the kind of multi-character drama that was in-vogue in the years following Paul Haggis ' CRASH before too many pale imitators made the mini-genre...
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Journey 2 writers Mark and Brian Gunn to script Timecop reboot

The last time I wrote anything on the TIMECOP reboot was the announcement that they were actually doing it last year. Then I did a Cast This for the character of Max Walker originally played by the legendary Jean-Claude Van Damme . The schmoes top three choices included: Scott Adkins , Jason Statham , and Karl Urban . Any of those sound like good picks to you?...
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Review: Admission

PLOT: Portia ( Tina Fey ) is a Princeton admissions officer with a well-ordered, quiet life. However, this peaceful- if unfulfilling existence is thrown into disarray when John ( Paul Rudd )- a teacher at an alternative high school, walks into her life with the news that one of his students may be the son she put up for adoption eighteen years ago. Not only that, but the boy-...
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