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Nicole Kidman's Grace of Monaco finally gets a U.S. release...on Lifetime

Well that's a real kick in the teeth isn't it? Nicole Kidman 's Grace Kelly biopic GRACE OF MONACO opened last years Cannes Film Festival where, to put it mildly, it did not do well. Critics everywhere attacked the film which also sparked protests from the Monaco royal family who called it " needlessly glamorized and historically inaccurate. " Director Oliver...
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First teaser trailer for Grace of Monaco starring Nicole Kidman, Tim Roth, and Frank Langella

Nicole Kidman is back at it again, wearing luxurious costumes for a historical period film with GRACE OF MONACO, based on the real-life exploits of actress Grace Kelly in her marriage to Prince Rainier III during the French Invasion of Monaco. Kidman playing Kelly is sure to rile up those who adore the classic actress who became a princess, but that's to be expected with most...
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First Looks: Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly and James McAvoy and Jim Broadbent in Filth

Here are a couple of first looks at some movies that could not be more different. One is a classy look at a Hollywood icon who became a real princess and the other is an adaptation of a novel about a raccist cop from Scotland involved in a murder investigation. First up are some set photos and a promotional shot from GRACE OF MONACO starring Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly. Not exactly a...
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