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Face Off: Green Goblin vs. Doctor Octopus

Last week's Face-Off column had a pair of Gary Oldman villains duking it out, and most of you agreed that his unhinged corrupt DEA agent from LEON: THE PROFESSIONAL was a better baddie than his ruthless and eccentric industrialist Jean-Baptiste Emanuel from THE FIFTH ELEMENT This weekend brings back Marvel's friendly neighborhood wall-crawler in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 , in which our...
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Face-Off: Spider-Man vs. Spider-Man 2

In last weeks Face-Off , we anticipated the release of 21 and Over with a match between two comedies that echoed the new release's alcohol filled premise in their own ways in Superbad and The Hangover. While The Hangover won the article's verdict, our readers chimed back singing a different tune giving Superbad the edge. As I stated, both were great comedies that had their own justifiable...
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Cool Videos: Makeup and prosthetics test for Sam Raimi's original Green Goblin design

With the news that Sony is currently casting Harry Osborn for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2, it seems inevitable that the studio is eventually planning another go at a Goblin-related villain in Spider-Man's near future.  Sam Raimi already tread this ground once, and while not everybody was a fan of the design Raimi and his team eventually settled on, Willem Dafoe's desperate and...
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