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Review: War Machine

PLOT: A four-star General ( Brad Pitt ) is brought to Afghanistan in order to finally end the war, only to find his personal ambitions do not mesh with the reality of the conflict, or the administration’s goals in that area. REVIEW: At long last, Netflix has got themselves a bona fide, big budget feature that one wouldn't hesitate to call an actual film. While some...
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We Talk I Love Dick with Kathryn Hahn, Kevin Bacon, Griffin Dunne & More!

Over the past few years, Amazon Prime has been delivering some serious quality television. Not only do they offer shows like Mozart in the Jungle and Transparent, you can now check out one of the boldest relationship comedies you’ll find on television. I Love Dick is the wild and strange adventure of a married couple facing a crisis when it comes to their relationship. That is...
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Max Landis to write & direct a remake of An American Werewolf in London

This summer Max Landis tweeted that " there's only one of my dad's movies I'd ever be willing to try to remake and I'm already doing it, " which led fans to believe that the younger Landis was working on a remake of AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, especially when you take into account that one of his upcoming projects was code-named MOORS. It seems like our...
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Review: Tumbledown

PLOT: The young widow ( Rebecca Hall ) of a cult musician begins to fall for an academic ( Jason Sudeikis ) that she’s hired to collaborate with her on a biography of her late husband. REVIEW: Once the dominant genre of American cinema (rivaled only by the western), romantic comedies have become something Hollywood’s having more and more trouble pulling off...
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FX legend and Oscar winner Rick Baker is retiring from the movie business

As Hollywood moves more and more towards CGI for all special effects needs, the use of practical make-up and animatronics has become as out-dated as cassette tapes and video stores. While directors like J.J. Abrams champion the practical for movies like STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, the prevalence of digital continues to hammer the nail in the traditional FX coffin. With that being...
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The Good, The Bad & The Badass: James Caan

Last week, in anticipation of THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, we took a look at the filmography of Wes Anderson , whose debut film, BOTTLE ROCKET, featured a standout performance by this week’s subject… James Caan No one could ever deny that James Caan is one hell of a badass. Even at seventy-three years old, Caan’s still one of the toughest guys in...
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Review: Blood Ties

BLOOD TIES was originally reviewed as part of our TIFF 2013 coverage. PLOT: In New York City, circa 1974, Chris ( Clive Owen ) is paroled after twelve-years in prison for murder. He's met by his sister Marie ( Lili Taylor ) and brother Frank ( Billy Crudup )- a cop who tries to put his brother on a straight-laced, honest path. Now pushing fifty, and with two kids...
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Forget the Oscars, here are your 2014 Razzie Award winners

12 YEARS A SLAVE is your 2014 Best Picture according to the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts, and Sciences, but the real winner is MOVIE 43. The ensemble sketch comedy film starring everyone from Hugh Jackman and Kate Winslet to Naomi Watts and Halle Berry was a commercial and critical disaster and pretty unfunny to boot. But, it can now enter the annals of movie history as one...
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New domestic trailer for crime drama Blood Ties with Clive Owen and Billy Crudup

The last time we heard from BLOOD TIES, the crime drama from director  Guillaume Canet , was at TIFF 2013 (see our review here ), but now the film has resurfaced with a new domestic trailer in preparation for its stateside release. Starring Clive Owen and Billy Crudup as brothers on either side of the law, one a cop (Crudup) and one a crook (Owen), the two square off with...
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The Good, The Bad & The Badass: Matthew McConaughey

Last week, we switched things up and explored the career of uber-producer Jerry Bruckheimer. This week, we put our focus back on the talent in front of the camera, with a re-evaluation of an actor many of us had written off years ago, but is now on his way to being a legend… Matthew McConaughey Two short years ago, Matthew McConaughey was a...
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Awesome Art We've Found Around The Net: American History X, E.T., Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas, Superman

Some cliche somewhere said that 'a picture is worth a thousand words.' This has proven to be the case for me and especially when it comes to fan art. I have always sought out great fan art and have wanted to share it with as many people as possible. "Awesome Artwork We've Found Around The Net" is the outlet for that passion. In this column I will showcase the kick-ass...
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Review: Dallas Buyers Club

Read Chris Bumbray's TIFF review here ! PLOT: Based on the true story of Ron Woodroof who, after being diagnosed with HIV and not being able to secure useful medication, began to smuggle in drugs from other countries in order to sell them to those with the same disease. In the process, he turned his "only 30 days to live" diagnosis into several years of crusading against...
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