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Southpaw starring Jake Gyllenhaal gets July release; Grimsby pushed to 2016

Director Antoine Fuqua ’s boxing drama SOUTHPAW is getting a prime summer release date this year. In the film, Jake Gyllenhaal plays a left-handed boxer who wins a title but suffers various tragedies in his personal life; he's also trying to win back the love of his daughter. It sounds like THE WRESTLER but without an awesome Bruce Springsteen track to back it up...
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Penelope Cruz joins Sacha Baron Cohen's spy comedy Grimsby

Sacha Baron Cohen 's upcoming spy comedy GRIMSBY will start filming soon in the United Kingdom and South Africa, and THR has learned another actress is close to joining its cast. The site is reporting Penelope Cruz is in final negotiations to star in GRIMSBY, and sources have told THR she will play "a philanthropic corporate leader who may (or may not) be more than...
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Take a look at Sacha Baron Cohen as a soccer hooligan in Grimsby

The World Cup is still ongoing and if you gave up caring after your favorite team was eliminated perhaps Sacha Baron Cohen will get some of that spirit back. The actor is currently filming the soccer comedy GRIMSBY , which he helped co-write alongside  Phil Johnston and Peter Baynham , and is being directed by Louis Leterrier ( NOW YOU SEE ME ). None other than Eric Idle...
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Ian McShane and others join Sacha Baron Cohen's spy comedy Grimsby

We learned a couple of months ago Mark Strong will play Sacha Baron Cohen 's brother in the upcoming spy spoof GRIMSBY , and now THR is reporting Ian McShane (HERCULES, Deadwood ), Gabourey Sidibe (PRECIOUS), David Harewood (BLOOD DIAMOND, Homeland ) and English comedian Johnny Vegas (THE LIBERTINE) have joined the project as well. Director Louis Leterrier (NOW...
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Sacha Baron Cohen will be bros with Mark Strong in Grimsby

Mark Strong , he of the deep, intimidating voice and villainous disposition, is trying something a little lighter with his next feature, GRIMSBY , which sees him playing the brother of Sacha Baron Cohen . In the comedy, co-written by Cohen and directed by Louis Leterrier (NOW YOU SEE ME), Strong will portray… a British Black Ops agent who is forced to go on the run with his...
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Sacha Baron Cohen's next film Grimsby will be released Summer 2015

Sacha Baron Cohen 's next film as writer and star will be titled GRIMSBY and is now slated for a release in the already busy summer season in 2015. Unlike his films BORAT, BRUNO, or THE DICTATOR, GRIMSBY will be released by Sony instead of Paramount. Director Louis Leterrier will take the camera for this project instead of Cohen's longtime collaborator, Larry Charles . GRIMSBY is...
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