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Vince Vaughn channels more serious side in trailer for Term Life

TRUE DETECTIVE Season Two certainly has its fair share of critics and detractors, but, if there is one benefit I found coming out of last year's run (in addition to a solid climax), it was that Vince Vaughn was able to shake loose a lot of his Vince Vaughn -ness. For years, it had felt like Vaughn was trapped playing this one particular character who moved from movie to...
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Elizabeth Banks is back to direct Pitch Perfect 3

The band is truly coming back together for PITCH PERFECT 3. With Universal all about trying to find success for a third time with their a capella comedy, Anna Kendrick , Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow already on-board to see the next sequel through, it only made sense for Elizabeth Banks to make her way back to the director's chair for the next leg. And that's what's...
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A post-Romeo & Juliet TV series is coming to ABC by way of Shondaland

Before we get started here, let's get some SPOILER -ish business out the way, so we all know what we're discussing. This is a warning I shouldn't really have to make, considering ROMEO & JULIET is on the table, but, for those of you who are unfamiliar with Shakespeare's play somehow, this is your warning. So, by the end of ROMEO & JULIET, everyone that...
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Exclusive Interview: The Keeping Room Stars Hailee Steinfeld & Brit Marling!

THE KEEPING ROOM tells the story of three women surviving on their own during the final days of the Civil War. It is an intense feature directed by Daniel Barber with three fantastic leading performances. Brit Marling , Hailee Steinfeld and Muna Otaru are terrific together, and the lovely Ms. Marling creates a very strong and compelling character. This is a unique and...
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Review: The Keeping Room

PLOT: Three Southern women trying to maintain during the end of the Civil War are suddenly confronted with a pair of violent Union soldiers who intend to take everything from them. REVIEW: Daniel Barber 's THE KEEPING ROOM is a morose little tale, a grim and intimate look at the end of the Civil War through the eyes of three Southern women who are forced to survive on...
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Travel to 1980s New York with Ethan Hawke in the Ten Thousand Saints trailer

If you're looking to scratch that coming-of-age itch, enter Not-Spider-Man Asa Butterfield in TEN THOUSAND SAINTS. The story follows seventeen-year-old Jude (Butterfield) who, after death of his best friend, is sent to live with his pot-dealing absentee father ( Ethan Hawke ). Lacking guidance, the drug-addled Jude falls under the sway of his late best friend's half-brother,...
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Universal moving forward with Pitch Perfect 3

Fans of PITCH PERFECT 2 can rest easy that the adventures of the Barden Bellas will continue. Thanks to the $160 million gross so far for the sequel, Universal is moving forward with a third film in the series. The Hollywood Reporter has learned that PITCH PERFECT 2 screenwriter Kay Cannon is being sought to draft the third movie. There is no word on whether producer Elizabeth...
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Review: Barely Lethal

PLOT: A teenage special agent escapes her demanding existence in favor of living a normal life as a high schooler. But are the pressures of being the new kid in school even more harrowing than the covert missions she's used to?  REVIEW: What could have been! BARELY LETHAL misses by a wide margin, and that's a shame because it has a fun idea it seems it's going...
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Weekend Box Office Report: May 15-17, 2015

Pitch Perfect 2 sings a song of success! Moviegoers wanted to see another performance by the Barden Bellas this weekend, putting PITCH PERFECT 2 on top at the box office with an estimated $70.3 million ! The PG-13 musical-comedy sequel (with a reported $29 million cost) had the exact opposite opening of the original: in September 2012, PITCH PERFECT opened...
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Review: Pitch Perfect 2

PLOT: Our beloved a capella group The Bellas are kicked out of a national tour after an unfortunate incident in front of the President of the United States. Not content to sit idly by, they decide to compete in an international singing competition, but a German supergroup stands in their way. REVIEW: I didn't expect to like the first PITCH PERFECT all that much when I saw it...
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A new trailer for Hailee Steinfeld's Barely Lethal is barely entertaining

If I didn't know better I would have assumed that BARELY LETHAL had been laying on a dusty shelf somewhere since the late 90's and we're only now being graced by its presence. I really feel for Hailee Steinfeld because she's so much better that what's on display here; hopefully she at least cashed a nice check following production. A new trailer for the teen...
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Hailee Steinfeld is a teen assassin in the trailer for comedy Barely Lethal

If there is something that KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE proved, it is that there it potential for the teen spy movie. Seeing young people kick ass is something that Matthew Vaughn has proven in everything from KICK-ASS to X-MEN: FIRST CLASS. Unfortunately, BARELY LETHAL does not succeed in the same manner that Vaughn did. In fact, this movie seems more like a cross between MEAN GIRLS...
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