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Jamie Lee Curtis returning in new Halloween film in 2018!

Back in February, it was announced by John Carpenter himself ( via his Facebook page ) that David Gordon Green (PINEAPPLE EXPRESS) and comedian Danny McBride would become the chief creative forces behind a new HALLOWEEN film. At first, a lot fans (myself included) were all like, "Whaaaaaat?" Then, Carpenter also revealed that he would be coming aboard the project as an...
7 days ago
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Danny McBride on bringing the Halloween franchise back to basics

Several months ago it was announced that David Gordon Green would be directing a new HALLOWEEN film which he would co-write with Danny McBride . Certainly not the pairing I would have expected, but fans seemed quite pumped by the idea, especially as John Carpenter would be involved in the project as well. We haven't heard all that much about where David Gordon Green and...
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Danny McBride says that Halloween will be a sequel, not a remake

Just yesterday John Carpenter made the rather surprising announcement that David Gordon Green and Danny McBride had signed on to write and direct the upcoming remake of HALLOWEEN. I can't have imagined that Green and McBride would be the one's tasked with remaking HALLOWEEN, but most of you, including myself, seemed intrigued by the possibilities. While speaking...
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David Gordon Green and Danny McBride to write & direct Halloween remake

After the news that Paramount had shelved their FRIDAY THE 13TH remake after the unwelcome reception which RINGS had received, I certainly didn't expect to be hearing any major news about more big-screen horror remakes in the near future, but here we are. Last year it was announced that John Carpenter would be producing a brand-new remake of HALLOWEEN, which was definitely...
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JoBlo Movie Trivia Quiz: Halloween

Welcome to JoBlo's Ghastly Movie Trivia Quizzes! After the Universal Monsters , Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger , who could possibly sum up the Halloween season better than Mr. Halloween himself, Michael Myers. His debut in John Carpenter 's HALLOWEEN kicked off the Golden Age of Slasher films and launched countless imitators and rip-offs over the next few years, but the...
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Mike Flanagan in talks to direct that new Halloween movie

Things are progressing rapidly for that new HALLOWEEN movie that word started spreading about late last night. John Carpenter is involved. Miramax, Trancas International Films and Blumhouse are partnering up to make this happen, and now a director is in talks to get behind the camera to take Michael Myers back into production. Mike Flanagan is in talks with Blumhouse to...
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John Carpenter is producing and may score a new Halloween film

How's this for unexpected but welcome news?! Not only is a new HALLOWEEN film on the way, but the man who originally brought The Shape to life, John Carpenter , is executive producing! Miramax, Trancas International Films and Blumhouse now have the rights to the franchise (Dimension having lost them months ago) and they sought out Carpenter a few weeks back to take part. Blumhouse...
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The rights to Michael Myers and Halloween are up for grabs

Who knows what is going to happen with horror icon Michael Myers and the direction of the HALLOWEEN franchise next? I can tell you it won't be Dimension Films or The Weinstein Company, that's for certain, as word is quickly spreading (via Bloody Disgusting) that they no longer have the rights to the series under their control. They may have started with Michael Myers back in...
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The winner and entries for the 4th annual JoBlo Halloween Costume Contest!

The results are in! The 4th Annual JoBlo.com Halloween Costume Contest has proven to be an even better year than last with so many entries. Seriously, you guys do NOT make it easy to choose a winner and that's saying something. Seemed like The Joker, Back to the Future, and Harley Quinn were the main favorites this year (I can only imagine what it'll be like once BVS...
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Exclusive Video: Where It Was Made - John Carpenter's Halloween

We're pleased to welcome you to our brand new web-series, Where It Was Made , in which we'll revisit the actual filming locations for some of the most popular films ever made and see how they're holding up today, all while examining just how these locations were used in the finished film. Our latest episode arrives just in time for All Hallow's Eve with a trip back to...
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Cool Videos: Experience the audience's reaction to Halloween in 1979

A few weeks back we showcased a recording from 1977 that let you experience what it was like to watch STAR WARS when it opened in theaters. Suffice it to say, it was awesome! Personally, I love it when an audience gets into a film, and there's no genre that solicits more audience participation that the horror genre. Today, we have an upload from YouTube user Kyle J. Wood . This is...
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Updated! Deadline Extension! Get ready for JoBlo.com's Annual Halloween Contest!

UPDATE: Deadline Extension!! Due to the great submissions we've gotten so far, we're extending our deadline for costume entries to 9 PM EST Sunday, November 3rd . So, for those of you still waiting to attend parties, there's still time to submit your entry to the contest. We will announce the winner and post all the great entries on Monday, November 4th !...
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