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Face-Off: Woody Allen vs. Larry David

Last week, your votes were just about split in the battle of the Batmen , with no clear winner between Michael Keaton and Christian Bale. As far as other Caped Crusaders you’d most trust to protect Gotham City, Val Kilmer managed a distant third, while George Clooney ranked just as high as Will Friedle’s voice. With Woody Allen’s latest feature, BLUE JASMINE , due out on Friday, this...
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Cool Videos: Every single Woody Allen stammer in just under 45 minutes!

Woody Allen is perhaps more known for things aside from the movies he has made, namely his controversial divorce from Mia Farrow and his physical appearance. I would venture that the moment someone says the name Woody Allen that the first thing you imagine is the glasses, the nose, and the schlumpy appearance. Secondly is likely his nasally voice that is forever associated with...
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