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Hansel and Gretel graphic novel is being developed into a live-action movie

Neil Gaiman ’s (STARDUST, CORALINE) graphic novel version of the Hansel & Gretel story isn’t available until October 28 but already has a movie in the works. Producer Juliet Blake (THE HUNDRED-FOOT JOURNEY) acquired the rights to “Hansel and Gretel”, authored by Gaiman and illustrated by Lorenzo Mattotti. Currently the plan is to make a live-action...
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New footage and details on G.I. Joe: Retaliation; Four minutes to screen in front of Hansel and Gretel 3D

In an effort to show off the 3D of G.I. JOE: RETALIATION, the film will now screen four minutes of footage ahead of HANSEL AND GRETEL 3D, much like STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS did in front of THE HOBBIT.  I don't know how much that will help out ol' HANSEL AND GRETEL, though, as it's prospects are weak. In addition, we have a peek at some of the new footage (below) and some new bits of...
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Vin Diesel may be The Last Witch Hunter

Stand back zombies and vampires. It looks like witches are the new supernatural enemy du jour. Despite the lackluster trailer for HANSEL AND GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS, Vin Diesel is pursuing THE LAST WITCH HUNTER. The film is in the early stages of development with director Breck Eisner. Both Eisner and Diesel have current projects they are working on, so HANSEL AND GRETEL's box office...
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Bourne Legacy actor Jeremy Renner talks about being an action star and limitations of his role in The Avengers

In an interview with Hero Complex, THE BOURNE LEGACY actor Jeremy Renner talked at length about his newfound role as an action star and commented on the limitations he faced in playing Hawkeye in THE AVENGERS.  There's a lot of great bits where Renner discusses the dynamic roles he's now being offered and how that differs from his indie roots.  Probably the most interesting is his...
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