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Harald Zwart to direct a family-oriented horror film for Blumhouse

Whether you are a fan of the micro-budget horror films of Blumhouse Productions (PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, THE PURGE, etc), you have to admit that they have found a business model that works. So, as they branch out into other genres and markets, we shouldn't be surprised to see them try some new things. Sticking with the horror genre, Jason Blum's shingle will try something they have not done...
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Which four directors are on the shortlist for Masters of the Universe?

Iím trying to wrap my head around the idea of making a live-action He-Man flick. Sure, they did it back in 1987, but thatís not saying much. It was the 80s. That said, is this a film that will ever transfer well? I could definitely see an awesomely updated animated version making waves. Thereís tons of great fan art on the web to support that theory. Regardless, theyíve decided...
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