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Review: Hellbenders

PLOT: A New York-based group of "hellbound ready" priests spend their days sinning up a storm and their nights fighting the emissaries of hell. REVIEW: Here's an intriguing idea: When demons roam the Earth and the Catholic Church can't handle the task of sending them back to Hell, they call upon an obscure sect wearing the title "The Interfaith Order of Hellbound Saints" to...
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Clifton Collins Jr. and Clancy Brown want to take some demons straight to Hell in the red band trailer for Hellbenders

I thought this evening we could use something a little silly. The red band trailer for horror comedy HELLBENDERS has made it online, and I want to know why I didn't know about this sooner. You've got Clancy Brown , Clifton Collins Jr, and Dan Fogler as a group of unapologetic sinners who just happen to be qualified exorcists. Their mission in life is to take demons back to...
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