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American Honey's Sasha Lane boards Neil Marshall's Hellboy reboot

Although I'm still more than a little disappointed that we won't get to see Guillermo del Toro complete his HELLBOY trilogy, I'm beginning to warm up to Neil Marshall 's upcoming reboot of the Mike Mignola comic. I'm not completely sold just yet, but if Marshall really can succeed in giving us a " darker, more gruesome version of Hellboy, " well, then...
4 days ago
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Rumor: who made the BPRD cut in new Hellboy reboot

Last week, I reported that the BPRD will still be a thing in the new HELLBOY reboot. Now Splash Report has an exclusive scoop on just exactly who will make the final cut. Here's what the report had to say: You will see the B.P.R.D. HEADQUARTERS, which is on a snow-capped mountainside, you will see arcane artifacts: cryptid skeletons, freakish things encased in...
5 days ago
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