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Action-packed trailer unleashed for thriller Proud Mary

I always love me some badass women in film, and I feel like I've been hitting the jackpot lately, what with the recent STAR WARS films, WONDER WOMAN, as well as the upcoming TOMB RAIDER and CAPTAIN MARVEL flicks, among others. The most recent one to come out soon is PROUD MARY starring SMOKIN' ACE's Taraji P. Henson, about " a hit woman working for an organized crime...
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The Hitman's Bodyguard releases funny poster that evokes The Bodyguard

So the trailer for the action-comedy THE HITMAN'S BODYGUARD starring Ryan Reynolds as the bodyguard protecting Samuel L. Jackson 's hitman was just released . While it had some chuckle-worthy moments, I overall wasn't too impressed. It just seemed like both Reynolds and Jackson were on auto-pilot, basically doing a parody of themselves (motor-mouthed smarmy wise-ass and...
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Hitman releases operatic season finale trailer

HITMAN has been around for awhile now, with two shitty movie adaptations under its belt. The games are a mix of action and stealth, with a lot of options of how to kill people (or not kill people, depending on the situation). Though it's always been strange how people accept a tall, bald guy with a barcode on his neck in any situation, especially when he's impersonating other...
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Scott Adkins to star in comic-book adaptation Accident Man

After seeing Scott Adkins in UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: DAY OF RECKONING (basically what would happen in David Lynch decided to make an action movie) I thought he was poised to make it into the big leagues. Not only was he a badass who could obviously fight, but he also showed an acting prowess above what we expect from our action stars (I'd say he was even good ). Admittedly he's been...
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Awfully Good: Bangkok Dangerous

With a new HITMAN movie out, it's a good excuse to bring Nicolas Cage back to Awfully Good... Bangkok Dangerous (2008) Director: The Pang Brothers Stars: Nicolas Cage, Shahkrit Yamnarm, Charlie Yeung   A hitman goes to Thailand for one last job and has his icy assassin heart melted by a deaf girl and some elephants....
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The Deus Ex movie is still alive and Predators writer Michael Finch is game

It’s been a while since we last talked about the DEUS EX movie adaptation; personally I thought the project was stuck even after Scott Derrickson was attached to direct at one point. That’s likely not the case anymore as he’s a little busy these days helming Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE . It’s unknown if he’ll still be involved with the project but...
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Casting Round-up with James Marsden, Rupert Friend, Elijah Wood, and Rebel Wilson

Some new additions to several movies have been announced, including a couple of films that had to recast because of Paul Walker 's tragic death. Walker was set to star in AGENT 47 (the sequel to 2007's HITMAN) as the bald assassin from the video game series, and THR has learned "Homeland" star Rupert Friend is in talks for the role. AGENT 47 will be directed by...
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Paul Walker is Agent 47 for Fox's Hitman Reboot

Deadline has an exclusive that Fox International Productions is rebooting HITMAN and Paul Walker has signed on as the bald headed lead. The film, called AGENT 47, comes from a script by Skip Woods (who also did script duties for the original) and Michael Finch. Behind the camera for his first directing duties on a feature film is Aleksander Bach, who is known for his commercials for...
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