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Exclusive: We check out the Star Wars Bar Scum & Villainy in Hollywood!

There are a ton of cool things to do in Hollywood. And there are some things that are exceptionally amazing for movie fans, and you’d never expect one of them to be a bar. However, when the force is with you, there is no better place than the Scum & Villainy Cantina. The owners have turned this charming little place to meet for drinks into something out of this world. The...
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HBO casts Tyler Perry as black film pioneer Oscar Micheaux

Apparently HBO is developing a biopic about Oscar Micheaux, considered to be one of the earliest black film directors. Not only that, but they have also cast Tyler Perry in the lead role. The film will be based on the 2007 biography OSCAR MICHEAUX: THE GREAT AND ONLY: THE LIFE OF AMERICA’S FIRST BLACK FILMMAKER written by Patrick McGilligan. To the...
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"Weird Al" Yankovic to get star on Hollywood Walk of Fame!

It's crazy how long "Weird Al" Yankovic has been in show-biz (hint: almost four decades), especially considering how schticky his act must look from an outsider's perspective. Spoofing songs for a whole career? How weir --  absurd ! But Weird Al makes it work, and is honestly super hilarious. I've been a fan of his work since I was a kid (even...
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ISIS uses clips from Hollywood movies for their own propaganda films

There's a famous quote from the great French director François Truffaut, where he stated, " I don't think I've really seen an anti-war film. Every film about war ends up being pro-war. " Now, whether that is entirely true or not, it at least remains true that it is extremely difficult to convey the horrors of war through the art of film. In essence,...
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Get Shorty gets the TV show treatment as well

Wait, another film turning into a TV show? At this point no movie would surprise me. A MRS. DOUBTFIRE show? Sure. A PULP FICTION anthology series? Bet there's already been a discussion. A TWELVE MONKEYS series? Shit, that's already a show! Now, to be fair, I can see GET SHORTY working as a show moreso than others. For instance, the whole conceit of the film and upcoming show is...
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The Writers' Strike seems to have been averted...for now.

So, as many of you may have heard, there was impending writers' strike on the horizon, with writers demanding things such as improved health care, parental leave and overtime, as well as an increase in residuals - among other things. And for a while, things were pretty touch-and-go (in fact sources claimed it seemed that a strike was eminent as close as an hour before the deadline)....
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FX's show Feud releases two new clips

Anyone versed in Hollywood lore is aware of the epic, bitter rivalry between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, two starlets who hated each other's guts. Well, that feud is going to be immortalized in the new FX series fittingly titled FEUD, starring Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange as Davis and Crawford, respectively. Here are some clips showing the two divas going at...
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Exclusive: New trailer released for quirky indie comedy Odd Brodsky

ODD BRODSKY is a fun, quirky indie comedy from director Cindy Baer and star Tegan Ashton Cohan. It's the winner of 20 film festival awards, an official selection of 29 film festivals, and included on "Best Films of the Year" lists for Rogue Cinema and The Reel Critic. Now JoBlo has the exclusive on the new trailer for the film! Check it out...
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Animated film Nerdland starring Paul Rudd & Patton Oswalt gets new trailer

This shit looks amazing . I mean, it's like someone took a bunch of things I love, put it in a f*cked up blender, and splurted out something gross but tantalizing. Hailing from Titmouse studios (which brought us awesome Adult Swim shows like METALOCALYPSE and VENTURE BROTHERS) comes a story of two dim-witted thirty-year old Hollywood wannabes (voiced by  Patton...
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Ink & Pixel: Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

Ink & Pixel is a source of pride and joy for me as a writer and as such, I'm always striving to take this column further for those who read and enjoy it. In an effort to widen the reach of our continuously growing fan-base, Ink & Pixel has broadened its horizons with the inclusion of films from the Horror, Sci-Fi, Action-Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Additionally, if you...
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Josh Brolin and George Clooney to star in Coen brothers' Hail, Caesar!

Stop what you're doing right now and get prepared for some fantastic news. Are you sitting down? Alright, so it is now official that Joel and Ethan Coen ’s HAIL, CAESAR!, which we told you about last month , will star George Clooney and Josh Brolin . The Coen’s will write and direct the film that follows a 1950s-era Hollywood "fixer" named Eddie Mannix....
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The Coen Bros next film will be the 1950s comedy Hail Caesar

Joel and Ethan Coen have announced their next film following the acclaimed INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS. The Coens will next helm the comedy HAIL CAESAR, a project they have been developing for quite some time, but there is a catch. HAIL CAESAR will not be the film we previously heard about, at least not in the way it was originally envisioned. According to Deadline , HAIL CAESAR will tell...
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