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Screenwriter Max Landis is working on a Houdini script with a Lovecraftian influence

Have you been waiting for a proper movie about legendary illusionist Harry Houdini? There's been TV movies, B movies, and there was supposed to be a mini-series with Adrien Brody that focused on Houdini. The point is that there's never been a major motion picture that has successfully brought him to life. Sony has hired Max Landis to work on a new draft of their HOUDINI...
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Adrien Brody to play Harry Houdini in an upcoming History channel mini-series

History, like many cable networks, is venturing away from what the channel was initially designed to showcase and into the world of scripted television. With the huge success of their HATFIELDS & MCCOYS mini-series as well as THE BIBLE and VIKINGS, History may have found their next big project. Oscar-winning actor Adrien Brody has committed to star in History's mini-series...
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