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Meet the mutants of The Gifted with nine new video promos

Soon, Fox's X-MEN-related TV series, THE GIFTED, will arrive, and introduce fans of comic book entertainment to a group of new mutants. I've had my eye on this program since its inception, and now that promotional materials are beginning to roll out, it's been rather interesting to see how it's shaping up. Today, the show's official Twitter account tweeted out nine...
7 days ago
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Trailer for The Greatest Showman starring Hugh Jackman sings its way online

The first trailer for THE GREATEST SHOWMAN has arrived! Starring Hugh Jackman as the legendary P.T. Barnum, the film is a musical take on the "greatest showman's" life and times. Directed by first-timer Michael Gracey , the film also stars Zac Efron , Michelle Williams ,  Rebecca Ferguson , and Zendaya. Take a look! Here's the...
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The Kill Counter: Logan (Video)

Ever wondered how many people lose their lives in any particular movie, be it action, horror, sci-fi, or even comedy? Well, we've got you covered with The Kill Counter, our new series takes out all the guesswork and counts down every death on (and sometimes off) screen. Break out your calculator and try to keep up! In this week's episode, we take on the R-rated return of...
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Watch Oats Studios Volume 1 now and our exclusive chat with Neill Blomkamp!

Director Neill Blomkamp has released the first volume of his experimental new venture Oats Studios with "Rakka" which stars Sigourney Weaver in an alien invasion saga with some intriguing concepts and visual punch that's sure to appeal to fans of the filmmaker, if not the sci-fi genre itself. In addition to "Rakka" I had a good chat with Blomkamp about the idea...
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Awesome Art We've Found Around The Net: Apollo 13, Fight Club, The Mummy

Some cliche somewhere said that 'a picture is worth a thousand words.' This has proven to be the case for me and especially when it comes to fan art. I have always sought out great fan art and have wanted to share it with as many people as possible. "Awesome Artwork We've Found Around The Net" is the outlet for that passion. In this column I will showcase the kick-ass...
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Neill Blomkamp opens up about the "unbelievably painful" failure of Chappie

Neither ELYSIUM nor CHAPPIE garnered the sort of praise which DISTRICT 9 received, but for Neill Blomkamp , it's the failure of CHAPPIE which stings the most. The sci-fi flick followed an artificially intelligent law enforcement robot, nicknamed Chappie, as he was captured and taught by gangsters. While speaking with Den of Geek , Blomkamp opened up about the critical and...
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James Mangold to helm Taylor Sheridan-scripted remake of Disorder

After directing what is probably the greatest X-MEN movie ever with LOGAN, director James Mangold is in demand now more than ever. He’s got several on the docket, and now he’s adding another to the pile that teams him up with one of the hottest new screenwriters working in the business – Taylor Sheridan . Tracking Board got the confirmation that Mangold will...
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Millie Bobby Brown reveals she auditioned for Logan

When it comes to seeing perfectly-cast actors in famous roles there’s always a question of “what if” attached. Like, what if Robert Downey Jr. was never cast as Iron Man? Or what if Hugh Jackman never landed Wolverine? The mind melts with such thoughts, but luckily the right person is picked most of the time, much like the case of Dafne Keen getting the role of...
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X-23 more likely to get a solo movie than be part of a team

Now with LOGAN on Blu-ray viewers can watch the sheer ferocity of the young Laura a.k.a. X-23 over and over until their bloodlust is quenched.  The fact actress Dafne Keen was able to hold her own against the likes of an Oscar-worthy Hugh Jackman is otherworldly, and because of that fans are anxious to see more of her. The notion of that happening isn’t far-fetched, and the...
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Hugh Jackman on Logan's scrapped Sabretooth scene

Even though James Mangold 's LOGAN largely knocked it out of the park, there were still a few elements which fans had hoped to see which couldn't be included, such as an appearance by Liev Schreiber as Sabretooth. As one of the only good things about X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE, an appearance by Schreiber in LOGAN would have been welcomed with open arms, but sadly, it was not to...
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Hugh Jackman was initially skeptical about Logan's secret villain

Although I'm sure many of you already know the identity of the villain in LOGAN, I'd consider the following to be a spoiler if you haven't yet seen the film and are eagerly awaiting its release on Bluray/DVD. After playing the role for close to two decades, Hugh Jackman decided to hang up his claws after one final outing. Thankfully, James Mangold 's LOGAN...
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First look at Hugh Jackman as P.T. Barnum in The Greatest Showman

Now that Hugh Jackman has hung up his Wolverine claws for the final time, he's free to enter the world of P.T. Barnum for THE GREATEST SHOWMAN. Jackman will be playing the " godfather of the modern circus " in the musical film, but development on the project has taken quite some time. " Up until La La Land, everyone was saying there hasn’t been an original...
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