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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: Man of Steel, Turbo, Dexter ...

This week: The Superman movie we were all waiting for (and still complained about); the documentary Seaworld doesn't want you to see; and the dearly departed Dexter. ► There are Superman movies we all universally hate, but it appears there are none we all mutually love. Even the '78 classic gets...
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The kids in these three clips for I Declare War take Capture the Flag very, very seriously

Remember running around as a kid with a stick in your hand pretending it was a machine gun? Or throwing a rock like it was a grenade? I DECLARE WAR takes the innocent children's game Capture the Flag and turns it into a realistic, intense battle between youths. The violence in the film is make-believe, but the drama and conflict between the children is definitely real. It feels kind...
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