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I Want That: Punch fountain in the form of a Xenomorph

Do you really want to be the loser who doesn't have a punch fountain in the form of a Xenomorph at your next party? I know I don't, and thankfully the team over at NEATOCO have our backs. After sculpting the deadly creature from Ridley Scott 's ALIEN from the waist up and inserting a tube, they were able to transform their creation into a handy, and disgusting, drink...
7 days ago
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I Want That: Super Nintendo Classic Edition loaded with 21 awesome games

Last year saw the release of the NES Classic, a miniature replica of the Nintendo Entertainment System which came loaded with thirty classic games. It was an adorably bite-sized dose of gaming nostalgia which gave customers the chance to relive some of those Nintendo memories. Unfortunately, it also sold out faster than diamond-studded hotcakes, with Nintendo either not anticipating...
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I Want That: Desktop sculpture of the Batcave from the 1966 TV series

Holy empty wallet, Batman! There will be plenty of exclusives at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con, including this incredible desktop sculpture of the Batcave set featured on the 1966 Batman TV series from Factory Entertainment . If you've ever wanted a miniature reproduction of that classic set, and, perhaps more importantly, have the money to burn, this is one hell of a cool...
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I Want That: Hot Toys' sixth scale Spider-Man: Homecoming figure

I've mentioned before that collectible figures aren't really my thing, but I'm starting to wonder if that's just because I know deep down that once I started buying them, I wouldn't be able to stop. My wallet would never forgive me. Hot Toys have continued their reputation for breathtaking work with this awesome sixth-scale Spidey figure based on his SPIDER-MAN:...
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I Want That: Hot Toys' life-size Baby Groot figure

After audiences fell hard for Groot ( Vin Diesel ) in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, Marvel must have been rubbing their hands with glee once the designs for baby Groot began to roll in. With the release of the sequel quickly approaching, I'd imagine that many people will be reaching for their wallets in order to give up their hard-earned cash for some sort of baby Groot memorabilia....
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I Want That: Hot Toys' sixth scale figure of Jon Bernthal as The Punisher

I've mentioned before that I'm not the type to spend my money on collectibles or figures, but that certainly doesn't mean that I can't appreciate the shit out of some of the amazingly detailed work out there. If you're at all familiar with the world of high-end collectible figures, you'll know that Hot Toys frequently puts out some of the best in the business,...
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I Want That: Jurassic Park T-Rex bust

Although she didn't make her big JURASSIC WORLD entrance until quite late in the film, it was still great to see JURASSIC PARK's most iconic dinosaur fill the screen once again. Hopefully she'll have more of a presence in the upcoming sequel, but in the meantime you can make this spectacular T-Rex bust your very own. Chronicle Collectibles will be releasing the female...
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I Want That: An incredibly detailed miniature of the Seinfeld apartment

With few exceptions, there aren't many sitcoms out there which I can watch again and again, but Seinfeld is certainly one of them. The iconic series made stars out of Jerry Seinfeld , Julia Louis-Dreyfus , Michael Richards and Jason Alexander , as well as coining dozens of sayings which still pop up today. Jerry's apartment is every bit as iconic as the series itself, and...
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I Want That: A bed that becomes your own private movie theater

One of the greatest American traditions is lying in bed and doing nothing. Then TV made it so you could at least watch something while you acted like a potato. Next came the VCR, and all of a sudden nerds could rewind the slave Leia scenes in complete privacy. In the new age we have Netflix, Hulu and Lord knows what else to keep us stationary and satisfied. But we are not yet at the...
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I Want That: Life-size animated Iron Man statue with 567 moving parts

In a perfect world, everyone would be able to easily afford all of the necessities of life: food, water, shelter and a life-size replica of Tony Stark's Mark XLIII Iron Man suit. Unfortunately, that's not the case for many people, but if you've got the cash to spare (2.5 million Chinese yuan to be exact, which works out to be close to $360 000 US) this item from The Toys...
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I Want That: Hot Toys' K-2SO from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

With ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY finally arriving in theaters and presenting us with a brand-new group of heroes and villains, those of you who have made it your mission to collect every piece of STAR WARS memorabilia out there now have a great deal more to add to your collections. Of all the new ROGUE ONE characters, K-2SO ( Alan Tudyk ) has been frequently singled out for praise in...
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I Want That: Sideshow's premium format Rogue One Death Trooper

Truth be told, I typically don't go in for these types of pricey collectibles, but I can definitely admire and appreciate the artistry that goes into making them, and when you combine STAR WARS with Sideshow Collectibles, even a layman such as myself knows that you're in for one gorgeous looking figure. Sideshow announced their first ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY premium-format...
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