Cool Videos: Check out ILM's impressive VFX reel for The Force Awakens

Although J.J. Abrams ' STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS was praised for bringing practical effects and real-life sets back to the STAR WARS universe, the film still featured quite a large amount of effects which were crafted digitally. George Lucas ' Industrial Light & Magic has been involved with the STAR WARS universe since day one so it's only natural that they would...
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Cool Videos: Celebrate 40 years of ILM's special effects with this tribute

The evolution of special effects is a fascinating one, and while computer generated imagery reigns over most films these days (often much to its detriment), there's no doubts that a lot of hard-working people have put in a ridiculous amount of their time in order to bring these effects to life. As most of you probably know, George Lucas formed Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) in...
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Face-Off: Independence Day vs. War of the Worlds

In last weeks Face-Off , we put together an action filmed match up between the Die Hard franchise and the Lethal Weapon franchise. While I awarded the final verdict to the Die Hard franchise, our readers understandably showed an ample amount of love to the Lethal Weapon franchise, whether I would have went the same way after seeing A Good Day to Die Hard I am still debating inside my head....
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