According to IMDb, these are the 25 best movies of the last 25 years

We've all visited IMDb at one point or another, it's an invaluable resource for movie fans and this year the site is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Congratulations IMDb, you can rent a car now. When Col Needham, the founder of IMDb, first developed the site, it was simply a downloadable database software on the earliest version of the internet. Twenty five years...
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China's three year ban on IMDB is over...for now

I think many of us in the United States take for granted the freedoms we are allowed as citizens. Sometimes it just takes a relatable news story to make you fully appreciate the liberties that come with living in America. Some of you may not know this but China has had a three year block on the movie database website imdb.com. The block was due to the site having information about the...
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Cool Videos: Supercut Tuesday! Watch the IMDb Top 250 in 2.5 minutes! Also the 101 greatest movie villains of all time!

Ah, my old friend the supercut. Nothing is more enjoyable than watching a video montage based on a theme. I don't think there is a movie supercut I have seen that didn't make my day. Here, we have two supercuts. Both are fun viewing for very different reasons. The first one is a supercut comprising all of the IMDb Top 250. In just two and a half minutes, you get a look at every...
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