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Badass trailer released for the Chinese action movie Three

I've been binging Chinese action films on Netflix, because for some reason Chinese - and other foreign - action films just wipe the floor with ours recently. They're all, for the most part, so much more intense, crazy, and spectacular than our newer action films, especially because they don't do that "close-ups/quick cut/motion blur" post-BOURNE bullshit. Hopefully...
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C'mon, Hollywood: Make like Matthew McConaughey and shape up your actors!

I've gotta be honest: Matthew McConaughey never was one of my favorite actors. His never-ending streak of romantic comedies were never my cup of tea and the stoner-surfer vibe kind of threw me off. Sure, I've seen my share of his movies including REIGN OF FIRE and SAHARA , but no performance or movie of his slapped me right across the face with its brilliance. However, that all...
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C'mon, Hollywood! Quit using computer generated blood effects!

Nitpicking a film is something that I honestly don't enjoy doing. I hate to ruin a good movie for myself by hating on the small things, but something I always have a difficult time overlooking is computer generated blood effects. While I wouldn't say CGB has ever been the deciding factor on whether a movie was good or not, the fact is when it's used (and noticeable) it...
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