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Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles has been optioned for a TV series

Oh, and how the ladies swooned when Brad Pitt transformed from a human into a marble-skinned creature of the night. For real, I think that I can still hear their breathy sighs of titillation on the echoes of the wind to this very day. Oh, the punchiness of a Friday afternoon. You've got to love it.  Today, it's being reported that best-selling author of THE VAMPIRE...
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Jared Leto may be Josh Boone's choice for Lestat in Interview reboot

Things really seem to be picking up steam on Universal's planned reboot of Anne Rice 's INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE. Back in 2014, Josh Boone came aboard the project with designs on writing and directing a new version of the story that might focus more on the second and third books of Rice's The Vampire Chronicles than a strict retelling of INTERVIEW. However, any...
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Cast This: The Vampire Lestat

Tis the season for vampires! Ready for blood suckers of the non-sparkly variety? Looks like it’s time to put your casting knowledge to good use as we find the perfect fit for the Vampire Lestat. Back at the beginning of this month it was announced that Universal picked up the rights to Anne Rice ’s Vampire Chronicles which is spread out across ten books. Most of you...
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Josh Boone stakes out Lestat; Interview With The Vampire not being remade

Earlier this month I shared the news that Universal had acquired the rights to Anne Rice ’s anthology of novels, "The Vampire Chronicles". The deal covered every book in the series including the ones that have already been adapted with Brian Grazer ’s Imagine Entertainment producing alongside Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci . Now THE FAULT IN OUR STARS...
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Prince Lestat lives as Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles lands at Universal

It has been a talking point for years now, but we are getting closer to a remake of INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE. Universal has acquired the rights to Anne Rice ’s anthology of novels, "The Vampire Chronicles". The deal is for every book in the series including the ones that have already been adapted (the awful QUEEN OF THE DAMNED too). Imagine's Brian Grazer will...
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C'mon Hollywood: Have some integrity with your "adaptations"

Last week I went and saw WORLD WAR Z with an open mind. I read the book, ironically, while at a combat outpost in Iraq and it was an amazing, provoking, and creative tale that brought forth some awesome imagery, especially given my circumstances. It was so much more emotional and resonant than I thought it would be and when I finished the last page my first thought was, “That...
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The Ten Spot: Our Favorite Tom Cruise Performances

This weekend sees the release of Tom Cruise’s latest extravaganza, OBLIVION, a film many of us have been looking forward to ever since that awesome trailer came out in December. Just a few short months ago, Cruise’s JACK REACHER- which for my money was just an OK Cruise pic- did so-so business in North America, but was a huge hit overseas (to the tune of 200 million). What does this prove? Only...
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C'mon Hollywood: Make vampires scary again (or stake the genre in the heart)

I was watching UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING last week and about 10 minutes in I realized that I just didn’t care anymore.   I didn’t give two f*cks about Selene or the vampire/lycan battle and the notion of vampires in general just annoyed the shit out of me.   And more than that; I wasn’t scared of them in the least. Having grown up on a bevy of vampire films,...
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