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Review: Space Station 76 (Fantasia Film Festival)

PLOT: The lives and loves of the crew of Space Station 76, a lonely refueling outpost whose uneventful existence is shaken up by the arrival of a new second-in-command, Jessica ( Liv Tyler ), who immediately clashes with the station’s commander, the deeply closeted Captain Glenn ( Patrick Wilson ). Meanwhile, the ship’s mechanic (Matt Bomer) is having...
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Go into 70s style deep Space with the hilarious Space Station 76 trailer

With so many movies set in a futuristic version of space, it’s refreshing to see a movie that looks at deep space life in a 70s style. That’s what you get with SPACE STATION 76, Jack Plotnick ’s feature directorial debut that follows a group of characters aboard a refueling station called Omega 76. We have the the first trailer and poster for the movie below,...
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Review: Wrong

PLOT : When Dolph Springerís beloved dog Paul disappears, he comes to the realization that his pet has been kidnapped. Soon, he is on a strange journey looking for Paul after he discovers who may have taken his dog. He persists through his desperation after meeting the man behind it who offers him the suggestion of telekinesis to reconnect with his pooch. His search leads him through a...
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This bizarre trailer for Quentin Dupieux's Wrong comes with a JoBlo.com seal of approval

If you have seen director Quentin Dupieux 's RUBBER, you have an idea of the madness that will be in store in WRONG. RUBBER's main character was a murderous car tire, so obviously we are not dealing with the real world. Instead, Dupieux's films blur the line between fantasy and reality into an odd hybrid that is just plain fun to watch. While they may not be for everyone, they are...
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Review: Wrong (Sundance 2012)

PLOT: Dolph Springer (Jack Plotnick) - a mild-mannered ex-travel agent, who still likes going to work for a few minutes every now and then at his office despite having been fired, wakes up one morning to discover that his dog is missing. Turns out- his beloved pet has been kidnapped by the minions of Master Chang (William Fichtner) - who tells Dolph that his only hope of...
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