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Review: Free Fire (TIFF 2016)

PLOT: A mob/IRA arms deal in a remote warehouse goes horribly awry when a beef between two thug foot soldiers erupts into an epic, no-holds-barred gunfight. REVIEW: For anyone who might have thought director Ben Wheatley ’s (underrated) HIGH RISE was a little too high-brow, his follow-up, FREE FIRE is the perfect antidote. Notably returning him to TIFF’s Midnight...
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F-bombs & bullets fly in red band Free Fire trailer

Holy Santa Claus shit. That is the only way to describe the trailer for the new action flick, FREE FIRE, from director Ben Wheatley (and executive produced by Martin Scorsese !). Enough reading! Watch! Was I right, or was I right? Not only is the trailer action-packed and vulgar as hell, but it's nothing short of hysterical. Everyone in the cast including...
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Josh Duhamel returning for Transformers 5; Tyrese wants back in, too

Now that we've gotten a title and a teaser for the next TRANSFORMERS movie, things seem to be coming together rather quickly for the fifth movie in the franchise. Michael Bay is prepping to go into production on TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT next month and, as a result, is going to need a cast to fill out his movie... and it appears he may be returning some old friends from the...
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Nickelodeon actress Isabela Moner up for female lead in Transformers 5

The Wrap is reporting that Isabela Moner is being considered for the female lead in TRANSFORMERS 5. According to the site, Moner is being eyed to play Izabella, "a street-smart tomboy who grew up an orphan and was raised in foster care. She counts a small Transformer as her only friend until she meets Mark Wahlberg ’s heroic inventor Cade Yeager." The...
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Paramount sets release dates for the next three Transformers films

Up until now, the general wait for a new TRANSFORMERS movie has been about 2-3 years. Given the insane amounts of money they bring in, this may come as no surprise, but Paramount Pictures is immediately stepping up their TRANSFORMERS game. They have issued a release date, not only for TRANSFORMERS 5, but for 6 and 7 as well. Michael Bay and Mark Wahlberg will be back for...
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Hasbro is dropping a Transformers rock album onto the music world

When I first heard the news that a TRANSFORMERS rock album was going to be a thing, I was curiously hopeful. What would Optimus Prime sound like fronting a band? Would Megatron unleash a wrath of angry Limp Bizkit-style tuneage? What kind of feelings might Bumblebee need to express in a ballad? Sadly, we won't be finding out in the TRANSFORMERS-inspired rock album called TRANSFORMERS...
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2016 Sundance Wrap-up!

And so, another edition of the Sundance Film Festival is in the books. This year marked my seventh trip to Park City, Utah and as always it was an amazing experience full of good movies, great friends and lots of writing. In all, I filed twenty-nine written reviews, three video reviews and extended sit-downs with EDDIE THE EAGLE stars Taron Egerton & Hugh Jackman (as well as...
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Review: Sing Street (Sundance)

PLOT: A young man (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo) growing up in 1985 Dublin seeks solace from his complicated life in pop music. REVEW: I’ve seen some great movies at the Sundance Film Festival over my seven years as a regular. WHIPLASH, BOYHOOD, JAMES WHITE, THE RAID 2 - all of these were amazing and rank among the most memorable theatrical experiences of my life. Now, add SING...
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Jack Reynor, Taron Egerton and more up for lead in Robin Hood: Origins

Lionsgate's ROBIN HOOD: ORIGINS is actively trying to become the first new film featuring the outlaw legend to hit theaters as they look at a group of actors to take on the bow and arrow as the titular character. Deadline reports that Otto Bathurst's film is looking at KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE's Taron Egerton , Boardwalk Empire's Jack Huston , TRANSFORMERS: AGE...
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Rosamund Pike, Jason Clarke & others set to star in WWII drama HHHH

French director Cédric Jimenez (THE CONNECTION, AUX YEUX DE TOUS) has landed several great actors and actresses for his next movie. Variety is reporting that Rosamund Pike , Jason Clarke , Jack O'Connell , Jack Reynor and Mia Wasikowska are set to star in HHHH, a World War II-set drama based on the Laurent Binet historical novel of the same name. HHHH...
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Production has officially begun on Andy Serkis' The Jungle Book

After years of toiling in Peter Jackson ’s world, Andy Serkis is finally ready to step out on his own. The actor, who revolutionized the world of motion-capture, has just begun production on THE JUNGLE BOOK (previously titled JUNGLE BOOK: ORIGINS) which will feature plenty of motion-capture itself. THE JUNGLE BOOK will be the feature film directorial debut of Andy...
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Paramount and Michael Bay issue statements regarding the Air Conditioning/Zombie attack on the Hong Kong set of Transformers: Age of Extinction

An incident took place today on the Hong Kong set of TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION that has resulted in quite a bit of rumor and miscommunication in the media. The story started as the headline that Michael Bay was beat up while filming the movie. That was later clarified to reflect an "incident" had occurred but that Bay was not injured and the situation is under...
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