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Morten Tyldum to helm Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan for Direct Amazon series

Morten Tyldum , director of THE IMITATION GAME and the recent Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt interstellar romance flick, PASSENGERS, has signed on to direct the first episode of the upcoming straight-to-series-drama TOM CLANCY’S JACK RYAN for Amazon. The series will come from Lost duo and co-showrunner Carlton Cuse and writer Graham Roland. The action-drama...
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Amazon's Jack Ryan series will be a 10-hour movie combating ISIS

Amazon is not messing around with their coming JACK RYAN series . They are putting a lot of money into it and making it relevant to the times in an attempt to try to draw in viewership for John Krasinski 's turn as the character.  Speaking with Collider, Krasinski explained that this won't be your typical show but more of a movie told across 10-parts with a...
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John Krasinski will star as Jack Ryan in Amazon's new TV series

The character of Jack Ryan has appeared in five films so far; THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER with Alec Baldwin , PATRIOT GAMES and CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER with Harrison Ford , THE SUM OF ALL FEARS with Ben Affleck , and finally JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT which had Chris Pine taking on the role. Unfortunately the latest Jack Ryan film squandered its great cast in a sub-par story and it...
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Updated: Carlton Cuse's Jack Ryan TV series has found a home at Amazon

UPDATE: Well that didn't take very long, it has now been reported that the Jack Ryan TV series has found a home at Amazon as the streaming service has given it a series order. Will you be watching? Over the course of five films and four actors, the Jack Ryan franchise based upon Tom Clancy 's books has slowly sputtered out. The latest film, JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT,...
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Review: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

PLOT: The origin story of Jack Ryan, who is forced to go from CIA financial analyst to spy when a Russian banker plans a terrorist strike on New York. REVIEW: All those who lament the continuing trend of reboots being "dark and gritty" will certainly find the quaint old-fashionedness of JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT refreshing. Though it brings the Tom Clancy character into the...
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Kevin Costner may become a drug mule for Guillermo Del Toro in Midnight Delivery

Kevin Costner has been in and out of the limelight throughout his career, but has remained consistent in work, putting out almost a film per year since he emerged on the scene in the early '80's. Now, however, it seems that he's primed to flood cinema's the world over with a number of high-profile projects on the way, including MIDNIGHT DELIVERY from producer...
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Casting round-up: New gigs for Kevin Costner, Colin Firth, Sam Worthington, and Alexander Skarsgard (as The Crow?)

Got quite a few casting announcements today, so I put together a nice little one-stop round-up to capture it all. First up is Kevin Costner , who has been making a solid climb back to the top after hanging back out of the trenches for a long while, with projects like MAN OF STEEL and JACK RYAN on the slate for this year, the actor is lining up a number of high-profile pics to follow....
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New pic round-up: Thor: The Dark World, Jack Ryan, and The Wolverine share some images

In the interest of giving you more bang for your buck, we've collected these new images from THOR: THE DARK WORLD, JACK RYAN , and THE WOLVERINE and put them all in one place.  All for you.  Some of these images have already been seen, but have just been released in their higher res format, giving you a better look at every nook and cranny that the pixels will allow. ...
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Our Top 25 Most Anticipated Movies of 2013!

And so, another year begins. For film buffs, January is always a pretty slow month, but even if that upcoming crop of films donít look so hot, you can rest assured that Hollywood has plenty of big films up their sleeve for the rest of the year and the following is a list of 25 of the most anticipated on JoBlo.com. In the end, 2012 was a pretty damn good year for movies, and 2013 looks just as...
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Tom Hardy will star in the Splinter Cell movie

It seems that in the very near future, all movies will either be based on Tom Clancy novels or star Tom Hardy. In this case, we will be getting both in the same movie. The Hollywood Reporter says that Tom Hardy is now attached to star in SPLINTER CELL, based on the Clancy novels and video games. The movie will be written by Eric Singer, who wrote David O. Russell's upcoming...
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UPDATED: Chris Pine has a need for speed in the first image from the new Jack Ryan movie

UPDATED: New pic with Chris Pine as Jack Ryan and Kevin Coster as CIA agent William Harper (click to enlarge) With the news of the JACK RYAN reboot hitting the net at a rapid pace, this still certainly has arrived just as fast.  It seemed like the cast was coming together and the crew was gearing up for pre-productiong, but apparently they're hip deep in it at this...
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