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The Dark Tower pushed back to summer 2017

Just like a Band-Aid…just like a Band-Aid. Alright, here it goes. THE DARK TOWER is being pushed back from February 2017 to an unofficial date in the summer, according to an exclusive from EW. I will give you a few moments to throw whatever loose objects are around you, and to scream at children passing by. Don’t worry, they’ll understand. Sources told EW...
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Ron Howard addresses the possibility of directing future Dark Tower movies

THE DARK TOWER is almost here, which is amazing to think about because the movie almost didn’t happen. Going through a series of directors and actors , the movie seemed doomed to cinematic purgatory. But that hell is behind us, and Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey are months away from rocking our socks off. We also have producer Ron Howard to thank for sticking with...
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Lana Condor joins Alita: Battle Angel; Lucy Fry signs up for Bright

A little two-for-one casting news for you all today; first up, Lana Condor has signed on to join the cast of Robert Rodriguez 's long-awaited adaptation of Yukito Kishiro's "Battle Angel Alita". The young actress, who recently made her film debut in Bryan Singer 's X-MEN: APOCALYPSE in which she played Jubilee, will play Koyomi in ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL. In the...
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Review: Birth of a Nation

This review was originally posted at the Sundance Film Festival in January - long before the Nate Parker controversy. As such, it's not addressed in the review. PLOT: The true story of slave Nat Turner ( Nate Parker ) who led a slave rebellion in Virginia in 1831. REVIEW: It’s hard not to get a particular charge out of THE BIRTH OF A NATION. While 12 YEARS A...
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Mahershala Ali is going from Luke Cage to Alita: Battle Angel

Ah, it must be great to Mahershala Ali . Not only does he have an awesome name, but he’s in the most talked about show right now (LUKE CAGE), has a recurring spot on another huge show (HOUSE OF CARDS), and he's considered by many pundits to be a force to be reckoned with in the Best Supporting Actor race for next year’s Oscars for his work in the...
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Paul Verhoeven reveals what he thinks of the remake of Robocop

For a good decade, Dutch director Paul Verhoeven busted out a series of over the top and highly entertaining movies in America before heading back to the Netherlands. He's been missed, but remakes of his movies have kept those properties alive...somewhat. While promoting ELLE at the Toronto International Film Festival , Paul Verhoeven discussed several of those remakes with...
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Ron Howard is still developing companion TV series for The Dark Tower

It may have taken several years, but audiences will finally be getting an adaptation of Stephen King 's The Dark tower come next February. If you've followed the news over the years, you'd know that plans have been pretty ambitious for the series, including talk of multiple films and even a TV show to compliment the movies. As of now, only the initial film is a sure thing,...
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Idris Elba has completed filming on The Dark Tower

Elba has left the building. Wasn’t that intro perfect? I mean it just came to me. Anyway, during a Twitter Q&A actor Idris Elba revealed he has not only completed work on THE DARK TOWER, but that director Nikolaj Arcel said edits are going smoothly.: I'm done filming, spoke to the director the other day and he said the edit is coming along really well....
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Birth of a Nation director Nate Parker got directing advice from Mel Gibson

When it comes to acting in, producing, writing and directing your own movie I can imagine that there’s a bit of stress involved. This is especially true for men like Nate Parker , who sat behind the director’s chair for the first time on his movie THE BIRTH OF A NATION, which he also stars in. So, naturally, he sought out a lot of advice. During an interview with...
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First footage from Stephen King's The Dark Tower will hit in October

Filming has just recently wrapped on production of the Nikolaj Arcel -directed film of the Stephen King series, THE DARK TOWER. This is one of those films that fans have been waiting for for a LONG time, and while the cast seems to be pitch-perfect thus far, with Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey , there's no telling how the overall story will fare. However, we will have a better...
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Roland Deschain and Jake Chambers take a trip in new Dark Tower images

We've been hearing and seeing quite a lot of Nikolaj Arcel 's adaptation of Stephen King 's THE DARK TOWER over the past week, but it still feels a little unbelievable that the project is actually in the midst of production after all those years of countless delays. We've gotten to see Idris Elba as Roland Deschain, Matthew McConaughey as the Man in Black, and Tom...
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The Dark Tower is no direct adaptation - It's a sequel

There have been rumblings for a bit that  Nikolaj Arcel 's THE DARK TOWER might follow a slightly different path than Stephen King 's series has taken over the years. Characters are showing up in places they weren't before. The chronological order is all out of whack, and, while there has been concern from fans over what that does to the beloved work they've been...
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