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Review: All The Boys Love Mandy Lane

PLOT: Isolated at a ranch, a group of partying teens begin to get killed off one by one. REVIEW: I would not have liked ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE had I seen it seven years ago, when it was originally supposed to come out. I state this only to underline the fact that my negative reaction to the horror film, directed by Jonathan Levine (who has since directed such titles as...
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Better late than never: Jonathan Levine's directorial debut All The Boys Love Mandy Lane finally gets a US release

After seven years in domestic purgatory, Jonathan Levine 's debut film ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE is finally getting released in the US. Back in 2006, the horror movie was the biggest buzz coming out of the film festival circuit with The Weinstein Company purchasing it for $3.5 million. For some strange reason, we have not seen it since, either on DVD or theatrically. What happened?...
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