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JoBlo.com's tribute to the people from film & TV we lost in 2015

“All stories, even the ones we love, eventually come to an end.” ~ Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium As 2015 draws to a close, we here at JoBlo.com want take a moment to honor some of the people who sadly passed away this year. Our deepest respect goes out to everyone in the industry we have lost, and our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of...
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Exclusive Video: A tribute to James Horner

Yesterday saw the passing of composer James Horner , and while everyone has had a lot of kind words to say about the man and his work, sometimes words can be fleeting for such a tragedy. I know there's a lot of you out there playing your favorite James Horner scores today, and whether it be STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN, THE LAND BEFORE TIME, BRAVEHEART, ALIENS, GLORY, TITANIC,...
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Comic Movie News: Official site for Age of Ultron & James Horner on Spidey 2

With 2014 coming to a close, excitement is starting to ramp up for the cinematic delights that are in store for us in 2015. STAR WARS, JURASSIC WORLD, TERMINATOR: GENISYS (I kid, I kid) are just a few of the movies audiences are craving and one of the first to reach us will be Joss Whedon 's AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON. Marvel has now fashioned a legitimate website that you can check...
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Exclusive Cool Video: Soundtrack tribute to James Horner's score to Aliens!

All right, score fans, we've got yet another soundtrack tribute for you, this time for James Horner's score to James Cameron's classic ALIENS!  The sci-fi actioner found the return of Sigourney Weaver's Ripley teaming up with a group of Colonial Marines to return to the planet where she first met the infamous xenomorph and investigate their resurgence. Featuring some of the most colorful...
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Soundtracks, Soundtracks, Soundtracks: Oscar Winning Scores Part Two

There are many things that make a movie what it is. It all starts with a story (according to what every How-To book on screenwriting tells us), there is the director and his crew, there are the actors, who bust their asses to bring a vision to life. Then comes the wonderful world of post-production. What is one result of that? The music. Soundtracks enhance the movie going experience....
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