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Young Adult series Maximum Ride sees a trailer that would make SyFy proud

Based on the James Patterson series of the same name, MAXIMUM RIDE follows six children genetically cross-bred with avian DNA as they take flight around the country to discover their origins. Yeah! Sure! Why not?!? I'm not sure if those wings come with the ability to do kung fu, but you can check out some of the avian action with the following trailer! I'm not...
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Alex Cross sequel Double Cross is already actively in the works

Well that didn't take long.  Hell, the movie isn't even out yet. Despite a very middling verdict from our own Chris Bumbray (who is far from alone in his opinion), ALEX CROSS is already set to have a sequel in the form of DOUBLE CROSS.  An adaptation of the 13th book in James Patterson's long-standing and highly successful series, DOUBLE CROSS comes with this plot set-up:...
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Review: Alex Cross

PLOT: Alex Cross (Tyler Perry) is a brilliant Detroit homicide detective, juggling the demands of his job with his home life. When he foils the murderous plans of a sociopath assassin (Matthew Fox)- who’ s targeting the employees of a multi-billion dollar empire run by the enigmatic Leon Mercier (Jean Reno)- his family becomes the killer’s next target. REVIEW: Ten years after...
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