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Easter Egg Countdown - The Amazing Spider-Man (video)

After Sam Raimi 's less-than-warm reception to SPIDER-MAN 3 and the ultimate stalling of a fourth film, Sony decided to reboot their Spider-Man franchise from scratch with a new actor, new director, new look and a whole new direction for Marvel's favorite webhead. Andrew Garfield took on the role of Spider-Man in the aptly titled THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN with director Marc...
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Explore humanity's dark side with the trailer for David Fincher's Mindhunter

From director David Fincher (GONE GIRL, THE SOCIAL NETWORK) comes a new Netflix series, Mindhunter! The story will follow that of an agent in the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit who develops profiling techniques as he pursues notorious serial killers and rapists. Sounds like it's right up Fincher's alley, and we have a teaser trailer that shows off some of the goods!...
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Review: Solace

PLOT : A psychic helps his old friend at the FBI track down a serial killer  REVIEW : Sir Anthony Hopkins thrilled audiences with his Academy Award winning performance in THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS way back in 1991. And ever since it seems that he takes on the occasional thriller in hopes to recapture that magic. And in many ways, his latest film SOLACE, harkens back...
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Anthony Hopkins tracks a psychic serial killer in new trailer for Solace

SOLACE originated from a script which was intended to be a sequel to SEVEN, but once that was determined to be a terrible idea, the script was rewritten to follow Dr. John Clancy ( Anthony Hopkins ), a retired physician who uses his psychic powers to assist a friend ( Jeffrey Dean Morgan ) in solving a series of homicides. There's just one complication, the serial killer ( Colin...
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Ready for more Rundown? Peter Berg wants to make a sequel with Jonah Hill

It's hard to imagine a time when Dwayne Johnson wasn't the biggest star on the planet, but as with most things in this world, you've got to start somewhere. Following his debut as Mathayus in both THE MUMMY RETURNS and THE SCORPION KING, Dwayne Johnson starred in THE RUNDOWN as Beck, a bounty hunter who wants out of the game but agrees to take on one last bounty by...
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Dwayne Johnson to launch Universal's Robert Ludlum Cinematic Universe

Collectively, the Jason Bourne film franchise has grossed over $1.2 billion worldwide, which is probably why a cinematic universe is in the works based on author Robert Ludlum's non-Bourne novels. THR has learned that Universal has joined forces with screenwriter James Vanderbilt (ZODIAC, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN), Mythology Entertainment's Brad Fischer and William...
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The Amazing Spider-Man was not Sally Field's kind of movie

We all know someone who really did not like THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN set of films. In fact, for fans, it becomes more difficult to find people who actually loved those movies than did not. However, you still can be surprised when someone really expresses their dislike for the film so outwardly, especially when that someone was involved with the film. Sally Field recently made an...
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Overlook Hotel producer says The Shining prequel is completely its own film

Last year Warner Bros. hired NEVER LET ME GO and ONE HOUR PHOTO director Mark Romanek to helm its THE SHINING prequel THE OVERLOOK HOTEL, which has given me hope for the project, but I'm still not completely sold on the film. During a conversation with Collider , producer James Vanderbilt (who also wrote and directed the upcoming political drama TRUTH ) said Romanek's...
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Review: Truth (TIFF 2015)

PLOT: The true story of the events leading to Dan Rather 's ( Robert Redford ) contentious CBS exit, revolving around the controversial 60 Minutes II story that exposed the preferential treatment given to George W. Bush during his Vietnam-era military service. REVIEW: TRUTH is a film I'm convinced I would have appreciated more had I seen it a few days ago. A...
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Andrew Garfield says he couldn't rescue The Amazing Spider-Man movies

Andrew Garfield recently said he was pushing for Spider-Man to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe before his time playing the web-slinger came to an end, and the actor opened up quite a bit about his Spidey experience during a conversation with Zaki's Corner . Garfield was asked what did he learn from being Spider-Man. His response? Well, nothing, because I was never...
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Anthony Hopkins hunts down a psychic in the international trailer for Solace

So here's a movie that's been sitting around for a few years, which is rarely a good sign, but now we have an international trailer so you can make up your own mind. SOLACE follows a former doctor with psychic abilities ( Anthony Hopkins ) who is drawn into a serial-killer case, only to find that the killer ( Colin Farrell ) is a psychic as well - so the two men can detect each other's...
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Donald Glover to voice Miles Morales on Disney XD's Ultimate Spider-man

Back in 2011, comedian and rapper Donald Glover lobbied the Internet to try and get him an audition for the lead in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. While the role eventually went to Andrew Garfield , Marvel did create the character of Miles Morales , a multi-ethnic teen who takes over the superhero role from Peter Parker in the Ultimate comic run. Now, in an interesting reverse casting,...
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