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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: Krampus, Ride Along 2, Son of Saul

This Week: A very Krampus Christmas, a second ride with Hart 'n Cube, and the Oscar winner for Best Foreign Film. ► A little bit ‘Gremlins,’ a little bit ‘Jeepers Creepers,’ Michael Dougherty’s KRAMPUS aims to be your new go-to horror flick for Christmas. A suburban...
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Review: Jane Got a Gun

PLOT : After her husband is nearly killed, a woman must seek out her ex-lover to help protect her family from a deadly gang looking for blood. REVIEW : The most surprising thing about the latest western featuring Natalie Portman and Joel Edgerton is not only that it actually got made, but it’s actually not bad. In fact, this wild west tale is much better than it has any...
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Natalie Portman will blow your head off in new trailer for Jane Got A Gun

It feels like far too long since we've seen Natalie Portman . In fact, it's been two years since THOR: THE DARK WORLD, her last major release, which, in Hollywood time, might as well be forever. I must say that I've missed her quite a bit, and I've glad she'll be rejoining our movie civilization at the beginning of 2016 with JANE GOT A GUN. For a script that once appeared on the...
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Natalie Portman goes western in the international trailer for Jane Got a Gun

JANE GOT A GUN centers on Jane Hammond ( Natalie Portman ), who has built a new life with her husband Bill "Ham" Hammond after being tormented by the ultra-violent Bishop Boys outlaw gang. She finds herself in the gang's cross-hairs once again when Ham stumbles home riddled with bullets after dueling with the Boys and their relentless mastermind Colin ( Ewan McGregor )....
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Natalie Portman aims to kill in these images from the western Jane Got a Gun

This film, much like SEVENTH SON, is just one of those pictures you keep hearing about over the years and go, "Oh...yeah. That's a movie." For those uninitiated, JANE GOT A GUN was to be helmed by Lynne Ramsay (WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN) until she left on the first day of shooting and was replaced by Gavin O'Connor (WARRIOR). The film's also seen several...
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Ewan McGregor saddles up for Jane Got A Gun, replacing Bradley Cooper

Another week, another new casting announcement for JANE GOT A GUN, the seemingly cursed western starring Natalie Portman, Noah Emmerich, Joel Edgerton, and Rodrigo Santoro. It appears that Obi-Wan Kenobi himself, Ewan McGregor, has jumped into the saddle as the film's lead villain, replacing the likes of Michael Fassbender and Bradley Cooper. McGregor is a solid choice and it'll...
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Casting Two-fer: Lily Collins in for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies; Bradley Cooper out of Jane Got A Gun

Got two interesting casting developments today, both good and bad, depending on how you see it. First up is the news that Lily Collins is setting up to star in the long-delayed PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES, based on the novel by Seth Grahame-Smith (ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER), which originally had Natalie Portman attached to star and David O. Russell to direct. Now,...
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Bradley Cooper takes Jude Law's place in Jane Got A Gun

What started out as a well intention idea has now quickly become kind of a mess. Natalie Portman just wanted to make a western with a female at the heart. She thought everything was going good with Lynne Ramsay (WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN) at the helm, Joel Edgerton set to play the former flame, and Jude Law as her villain. Then the first day of shooting comes and Ramsay...
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Director Lynne Ramsay quits Natalie Portman-led western Jane Got A Gun on first day of filming

Wow. Didn't see this one coming. Apparently, JANE DON'T GOT A GUN. On the day that production was to begin on the Natalie Portman -led western JANE GOT A GUN, director Lynne Ramsay , best known for 2011's WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN, decided to quit the project by simply not showing up.  The director has been attached to the project from the start, which is based on a blacklist...
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Michael Fassbender leaves Natalie Portman's Jane Got A Gun; Jude Law signs on as the villain

Production on the Western JANE GOT A GUN has been pushed back several times and it looks like it has happened again due to a casting shuffle. THR is reporting that Michael Fassbender has dropped out of JANE GOT A GUN. Fassbender would have played Natalie Portman 's ex-lover in the Western, but he had to leave the film due to a schedule conflict with his upcoming shoot for X-MEN:...
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Michael Fassbender will star in western Jane Got A Gun and as an enigmatic musician in Frank

Two Mondays ago Michael Fassbender was deciding whether he would join Natalie Portman for upcoming western JANE GOT A GUN, and now he's decided that he will.  The film "centers on a woman who must ask an ex-lover for help in order to save her outlaw husband from a gang out to kill him," with Fassbender playing the ex-lover.   JANE GOT A GUN mark Natalie Portman's first starring...
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