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Casting Round-Up Ladies Edition with Ellie Kemper and Hailee Steinfeld

Ellie Kemper has nabbed the part as Rob Coddry's wife in SEX TAPE. Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz will reunite with their BAD TEACHER helmer to star in film that follows, "a husband (Segel) and wife (Diaz) who take a night off from the kids and decide to spice things up by making a sex tape. But after their private footage is accidentally synched to a handful of other...
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UPDATE: So, you want to see a Veronica Mars movie? The ball's in your court as Kristen Bell tries to kickstart it

UPDATE: So, not only has this campaign made its goal of $2 million in under 24 hours, but it's still going. Never underestimate the power of the fans. I firmly believe this is going to change things in big ways, both good and bad. Stay tuned for news on a VERONICA MARS movie! I've never seen Veronica Mars, so I can't say whether this is worth your while or not.  However, I...
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