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Showtime releases trailer for White Famous starring Jay Pharoah & Jamie Foxx

Jay Pharoah , former SNL cast member, is now starring in his own Showtime original series WHITE FAMOUS. The show will follow Pharoah's up-and-coming stand-up comedian Floyd Mooney as he tries to make it in Hollywood (including finding a starring role in a Jamie Foxx film). I always liked Pharoah's stuff on SNL (especially his weird take on Ben Carson), so I'm curious how...
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Olivia Munn is going for a ride a long with kevin Hart and Ice Cube

After bringing home over $150 million worldwide on a budget of $25 million, a sequel to RIDE ALONG was a no brainer. The movie will bring back stars Kevin Hart and Ice Cube along with director Tim Story . Now for the sexy news; Olivia Munn , who stars in this week's supernatural thriller DELIVER US FROM EVIL ( check out our review ), is in talks to join RIDE ALONG 2....
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Kevin Hart and Ice Cube will return for Ride Along 2

Breaking the $100 million mark for a January premiere is an accomplishment for any movie. But, when that movie only cost the studio $25 million to make, you better believe they will capitalize on it and fast. With that said, Universal has just announced RIDE ALONG 2. Bringing back stars Kevin Hart and Ice Cube along with director Tim Story , Deadline reports that RIDE ALONG 2...
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Weekend Box Office Report: January 31-February 2, 2014

Ride Along is still riding high! For the third weekend in a row, the Kevin Hart / Ice Cube buddy comedy RIDE ALONG stayed on the top of the box office with an additional $12.3 million! Whether audiences were too busy gearing up for the Super Bowl or just not especially compelled by the current cineplex options, the PG-13 flick took the most advantage of...
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Review: Ride Along

PLOT: A straight-laced cop decides to take his future brother-in-law, an over-confidant security guard, on an intentionally hectic ride along in the hopes he'll dissuade him from marrying his sister and joining the police force. REVIEW: RIDE ALONG was my first prolonged exposure to Kevin Hart . I'm familiar with his popularity as a stand-up comedian, which is significant...
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Full trailer for Ride Along starring Kevin Hart and Ice Cube looks surprisingly funny

I've got to be honest, Ice Cube comedies are not my thing. Nothing against the guy, but the last movie I enjoyed him in was FRIDAY, which I consider a classic (shit, that might be the last time I enjoyed Chris Tucker in a movie as well). Since then, he's been on a bit of an Adam Sandler -esque journey, which may yield a lot of money, but not much in the way of accolades....
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Kevin Hart and Ice Cube are unlikely partners in the teaser for the cop comedy Ride Along

I hate this new trend of "safe" buddy cop movies. The sub-genre was invented for violent and funny pairings that didn't hold back. 48 HRS, LETHAL WEAPON, TANGO & CASH. None of these would work in a PG-13 environment. Even the comedy THE OTHER GUYS was just pushing the line for an R-rating. With the success of THE HEAT (also rated R) this weekend, get ready for a...
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