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Egerton & Tatum are gun ready in new Kingsman 2 pics & new details emerge

Last week we got ourselves a first look at the crew from KINGSMAN 2: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE, including Taron Egerton ’s Eggsy and Halle Berry ’s Ginger. Now that the first images have broken we can expect more and more goodies to start rolling out, like the ones I have for you today, which include two better looks at Eggsy and Channing Tatum ’s Statesman...
5 days ago
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First Kingsman 2 photos feature spies aplenty; new details emerge

One of this year’s most hotly anticipated movies for film geeks is KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE, but it's one we’ve seen so little for. The most we’ve gotten are posters with nothing but glasses and words on them, or just a pair of arms. What are we supposed to do with those? Insinuate? Well, now KINGSMAN fans, you can finally put some images in your back pocket...
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Get your suit & rope action on with new Kingsman 2 poster

Of all the movies I’m desperately waiting to see footage for, KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE is the highest on the list. We’ve seen something for everything else, or at least gotten hints, but KINGSMAN is being a coy little minx. We finally got some new promotional material today, though, in the form of a new poster featuring a fancy man on the left, and an Indiana Jones...
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Kingsman: The Golden Circle pushed forward from October to September

Things have been pretty quiet on the KINGSMAN front, with no new teasers or trailers hyping people up for the Matthew Vaughn sequel that was a mere 7 months away. Looks like 20th Century Fox is still ironing out their marketing plan and a part of that may include a shift in the release date schedule. Exhibitor Relations sent out the following Tweet, stating that Fox is bumping up the...
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Cool Videos: Jeff Bridges reprises The Dude for John Goodman's star ceremony

THE BIG LEBOWSKI is the cult classic to reign over all cult classics. There are many factors that make up the movie’s legacy, but most notable of them all are the performances by Jeff Bridges (The Dude) and John Goodman as (Walter). Despite both having illustrious careers, these characters will rank among their most beloved work, and will be admired long after the two have...
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Hell or High Water actor Ben Foster to star in My Abandonment drama

Recently nominated for his work on David McKenzie's HELL OR HIGH WATER, actor Ben Foster has signed on to star in the survival drama MY ABANDONMENT from WINTER'S BONE director  Debra Granik . Also set to co-star in the film is Thomasin McKenzie (THE HOBBIT: BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES). The film, written by Debra Granik and Anne Rosellini is based on a novel...
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Taron Egerton on the political tone of Kingsman 2, plus possible third film

I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE; the trailers certainly did a decent job of pumping up the entertainment factor of the film, but I definitely didn't anticipate that I would enjoy it as much as I did. The upcoming sequel, again helmed by Matthew Vaughn , has some big shoes to fill, but I'm hopeful that KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE will...
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Theo James doesn't think he'll be a part of the Divergent TV finale

THE DIVERGENT SERIES was a YA franchise that started off with relative promise back in 2014, but much like the apocalyptic hell it was depicting everything soon went up in a massive shit fire. The most recent film in the series ( ALLEGIANT ), fared so much worse in both the critical and box office department than the others that the final outing in the series is doubtful to even...
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Taron Egerton teases Robin Hood: Origins & Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Taron Egerton may still be a fresh face on the scene, but he's already got one franchise under his belt and another potential one waiting in the wings. That potential franchise is ROBIN HOOD: ORIGINS, one of the many Robin Hood projects in various stages of development, and Egerton will be traveling to Hungary next month to start shooting. The young actor will of course be...
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Taron Egerton talks upping the ante for Kingsman 2 & hints teaser release

KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE was an unexpected surprise and box office hit, but the sequel really has to hit it home to prove it wasn’t a fluke. It has the potential to sink the series' ship, but also to sail it off to new horizons. In order to accomplish the later it has to up the ante in every way possible, something star Taron Egerton thinks it’s done. In an...
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Kingsman 2 pushed to October 2017; Fox teases two new Marvel release dates

Have a good holiday? Filled with food, love and warmth? Good, then here’s a swift kick to the shin to remind you the world is not a fair place. Fox has announced (via Collider ) a series of new release dates for upcoming movies, and though two have been applied to unknown films, one will be filled by a highly-anticipated sequel originally set for this summer: KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN...
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Interview: Jeff Bridges & Ben Foster talk Hell or High Water!

: By the time I finally took in the amazing HELL OR HIGH WATER, I was a little nervous about all the hype. What if it didn't pay off as well as I'd hoped. Thankfully, this fantastic tale of two brothers in desperate times is very likely one of this year's best. Filled with great performances from Jeff Bridges , Chris Pine and  Ben Foster , the David Mackenzie...
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