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American Horror Story: Asylum 60-second trailer shows you what to expect this season

Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck's American Horror Story series returns October 17th on FX, this time under the title American Horror Story: Asylum. This time around, the story will jump between present day and the 1950's, taking place in an asylum for the criminally insane with a cavalcade of crazy characters, including murderers, alien abductees, nymphomaniacs, and mutated zombies.† No, I...
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Review: 10 Years

PLOT : On the night before their ten year class reunion, a group of friends gather to catch up on old times. During their celebration, they drink, they reminisce and they come to the realization that some scars donít heal as easy as they once thought. REVIEW : After a screening of the ensemble seriocomic reunion picture 10 YEARS, a colleague of mine mentioned that it was very well...
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