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Adam Sandler joined by a bunch of familiar friends for Sandy Wexler

If you could get by with the Adam Sandler business model, you'd certainly try. Get paid to make movies with a bunch of your friends on someone else's dime as you travel to the latest vacation destination of your choosing... What the hell is wrong with that if you can get someone to sign off on such a sweet deal? Granted, other people still have expectations for his films...
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Jennifer Hudson starring in Adam Sandler's next Netflix flick

If the job paid well enough, you'd star in an Adam Sandler movie, too.  Hell, everyone has bills to pay, which should explain Jennifer Hudson signing on to star in Adam Sander's next picture, per his Netflix deal. After all, she does have an Oscar to her credit.  Hudson will showcase her musical talents as an aspiring singer (not much of a stretch...
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Update: New details on Spike Lee's musical comedy Chiraq

UPDATE: EW is reporting that Kanye won't be appearing in the film, may now continue living your life. - PS Details on Spike Lee 's CHIRAQ were scarce when the Amazon Studios project was first announced last month , but now Screen Daily has learned that it is a musical reimagining of the ancient Greek comedy Lysistrata , and "will centre on a...
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Nyuk Nyuk, The Three Stooges will be getting a sequel

The Three Stooges were a major part of my youth; watching Moe, Larry, Curly, and Shemp engage in choreographed slapstick always brought a smile to my face. The idea of other actors stepping into those roles felt like an impossibility, but I knew it was only a matter of time before I (and other Stooge fans) would have to deal with that very thing. Chris Diamantopoulos,  Sean...
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Cool Videos: Will Sasso driving around as Arnold Schwarzenegger is pure comedy gold

Comedian Will Sasso isn't necessarily a household name, but a very recognizable face. Recently, Sasso played Curly in the big-screen version of THE THREE STOOGES (which was actually pretty fun), but he's probably most famous for his Arnold Schwarzenegger skits from Mad TV. Sasso famously portrayed the Austrian actor in a number of hilarious skits throughout his run on the ensemble...
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