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New trailer unleashed for disaster movie Geostorm starring Gerard Butler

Oof. Judging by that trailer it looks like GEOSTORM is going to be a disaster movie in more ways than one. The Dean Devlin -directed, Gerard Butler -starring, would-be epic has had some troubles getting to theater. In fact, I heard about test screenings happening three years ago ! And it shows - with many plot threads that seem disconnected, and each trailer shifting its...
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New trailer for Gerard Butler's Geostorm looks wonderfully silly

The first trailer for Gerard Butler 's GEOSTORM was rather grim , what with all of the world-ending natural disasters sweeping the globe, but I'm incredibly pleased to see that the second trailer for the environmental disaster flick has pumped up the fun factor in a big way. After a series of natural disasters threatened the planet, an intricate network of satellites...
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Gerard Butler prepares for the apocalypse in the teaser trailer for Geostorm

After an unprecedented series of natural disasters threatened the planet, the world’s leaders came together to create an intricate network of satellites to control the global climate and keep everyone safe. But now, something has gone wrong - the system built to protect the Earth is attacking it, and it’s a race against the clock to uncover the real threat before a worldwide...
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We have a few twisters to contend with in the international Geostorm teaser

GEOSTORM follows a man who heads into space to prevent climate-controlling satellites from creating a man-made storm of epic proportions while at the same time, his estranged brother learns of a plot to assassinate the president. Whoa. This is heavy. While the following international teaser does NOT feature Gerard Butler as the lead character, it does feature some killer storms. Take...
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Review: Kidnapping Mr. Heineken

PLOT: Based on true events, Kidnapping Mr. Heineken tells the tale of five friends who kidnap millionaire beer magnate Freddy Heineken and hold him for ransom for weeks . REVIEW: KIDNAPPING MR. HEINEKEN is a fairly by-the-numbers kidnapping movie based on actual events, and one can't help but think a thorough documentary on the subject would be much more fascinating. Or...
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Anthony Hopkins gets taken in the trailer for Kidnapping Mr. Heineken

True story or not, KIDNAPPING MR. HEINEKEN looks like a nice little thriller. Sam Worthington gets shit on quite a bit as an actor, but his ensemble work has been much stronger than his leading man roles. In this thriller, Worthington is flanked by Ryan Kwanten and Jim Sturgess in the tale of a kidnapping gone awry. At the center is Anthony Hopkins who looks to be turning in yet...
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Hugh Grant talks Cloud Atlas and says he is "out of show business"

Without a doubt, the most divisive movie of 2012 was the The Wachowskis' CLOUD ATLAS. It landed on many "Best of" and "Worst of" the year lists, with some declaring it a brilliant work of art, and others calling it a "unique and totally unparalleled disaster." The film also didn't do great numbers at the box office, grossing $130 million...
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The trailer for Stonehearst Asylum features Kate Beckinsale and plot twists

Nothing quite beats a good psychological horror story and if there is one author whose name is synonymous with the genre it is Edgar Allan Poe. We haven't seen a good adaptation of a Poe work in a long time, but the trailer for STONEHEARST ASYLUM teases a scary good time. Director Brad Anderson is known for some atmospheric and chilling films like THE MACHINIST and SESSION 9 and this...
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Geoffrey Rush gets involved with a mysterious woman in the trailer for The Best Offer

Geoffrey Rush has never been the type of actor who headlines big studio pictures, but he is a damn fine performer who can do everything from PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN to THE KING'S SPEECH and you never question his integrity as a thespian. This year, RUSH turned in a nice performance in THE BOOK THIEF as well as this interesting turn in THE BEST OFFER. Coming from CINEMA PARADISO...
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Review: Upside Down

PLOT : In this futuristic interplanetary tale, a forbidden romance blossoms between a wealthy professional and a lower-class inventor. Their relationship is made all the more complicated since they are from different planets both of which are connected in this bizarre solar system with opposing gravitational pull. REVIEW : UPSIDE DOWN is a ridiculously beautiful film. Two planets...
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Cloud Atlas blu-ray/DVD release date and specs announced!

For those that missed the Wachowski's/ Tom Tykwer 's CLOUD ATLAS, starring Tom Hanks , Halle Berry , Hugh Grant , Jim Broadbent , Hugo Weaving , Keith David , Ben Whishaw , James D'Arcy , Susan Sarandon , and Xun Zhou, your opportunity to finally see it is on the horizon. Warner Home Entertainment will release the film on Blu-ray/DVD/digital download on May 14, 2013. The...
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Kristen Stewart and Elizabeth Banks join Jim Sturgess in Steven Shainberg's erotic comedy The Big Shoe

Kristen Stewart , hot off her franchise-drenched career, is stepping into some more creative material, along with Elizabeth Banks , Susan Sarandon , and Jim Sturgess , in THE BIG SHOE, a new erotic comedy from director Steven Shainberg . Shainberg, you may recall, is the director of the dark erotic indie SECRETARY, starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader , which has become a...
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