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Cool Videos: Marty and Doc pay a visit to 2015 on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Michael J. Fox was scheduled as a guest on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! last night, where he would have the opportunity to display the power-lace Nike Air Mags that would be auctioned off for charity sometime in 2016. However, there was much more to his appearance than that. Given that October 21, 2015 was BACK TO THE FUTURE Day, it was the perfect time for Marty McFly and his old friend...
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Cool Videos: Gary Oldman's new favorite sport? Stranger Wrestling

The other night after apologizing for his controversial Playboy interview comments on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Gary Oldman introduced the world to a new contact sport called "Stranger Wrestling." The sport (and the video) is exactly what it sounds like: Gary Oldman approaching a few random people before attacking them without warning. Of course the...
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Cool Videos: Celebrities read mean tweets; okay-for-your-mouth edition

Jimmy Kimmel Live has given us what's technically Volume 7 in the series of Celebrities Read Mean Tweets, where . . . well, you know. I've always wondered if celebrities really cared what the haters thought, or if they're over it at this point. I gotta give it to Kimmel, though, as this is a brilliant way to make light of those that might call you a d**k turd (seriously?). My...
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Cool Videos: KFC and Game of Thrones join forces

Iím assuming that most of you have already seen the first episode of season four of GAME OF THRONES by now. If you havenít seen it, thatís totally fine, and you can come back on over to this article once youíve checked it out. But if you like to live dangerously then go ahead and continue on with me. As soon as the first episode was over, fans flocked to social media to post about...
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Cool Videos: Celebrities Read Mean Tweets Vol. 6

It's that time again... Jimmy Kimmel Live has posted another installment of "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets". This one is special because the cast of THE MONUMENTS MEN participated. Yes, that means Bill Murray . How could anyone dislike Bill Murray ? Or Benedict Cumberbatch ? While I love all of these, my favorite is probably the one that Tim Robbins reads. Matt Damon 's...
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Cool Videos: Watch Harrison Ford argue with Chewbacca on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Y'know, Harrison Ford has been a pretty good sport about dealing with all the questions coming his way in every interview he's had since they announced a new STAR WARS film. Let's face it, Han Solo and Indiana Jones have followed the actor since A NEW HOPE and RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK hit theaters and it will follow him to the grave. Not that he hasn't had a number of great roles since...
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